Saturday, November 22, 2008

Itty Bitty Dotee Swap

I recently joined and tried to participate in a swap called Itty Bitty Dotee Doll swap but was denied as I am still a newbie and they don't know if I'll actually participate or as they call it "flake". However, I am happy to report that the moderator of said swap graciously invited me to do a private swap with her so that I could make and receive a Itty Bitty Dotee Doll. Thank you, Tiff! I was so excited to participate in this swap that I started and finished my Dotee doll for Tiff in 5 short hours. Such fun. I didn't know what a Dotee doll was until I joined this swap site! I went and searched the net to find out what the heck these dolls are and how I go about making one.... Turns out they are the creation of this woman -->
(click her name) Dorothy (Dot) Christian
and are the star of numerous swaps on I became facinated by these little dolls and the popularity they were gaining. I have to say I think I'm slightly addicted already! Anyway, the "typical" Dotee doll is 4-6 inches tall not including hanger and tail, but for this swap we were supposed to make her much smaller, a mini.. So without further ado, here is my creation which I will be mailing off to Tiff as soon as we exchange addresses..

Thanks again, Tiff... it was so much fun to make!!!

Well, back to the studio! So many things to make, so little time! Whew!
UPDATE: Here was Tiff's feedback>>> "LOVE HER!! Thanks so much for everything! She's great!"


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