Monday, December 8, 2008

Handmade Ornaments... A Family Day

Sorry I have been neglecting the blog, it will probably be this way until after Christmas. I have been busy helping my kids make Christmas ornaments and making gifts. My hubby even joined in the fun yesterday and made a few ornaments of his own! I think they are just lovely! I think the fact that he so very rarely gets into the crafty side of things makes them all the more special to me.. Here's some of his works..

Isn't this little pink, glittery crane just the cutest? I think it's my favorite! Hubby made several cranes in various colors and glittered each of them.. LOVE THEM!

This started as a humble little styrafoam ball. Hubby took my Dremel to it and hallowed out the inside. Then he painted and glittered it and stuck it on one of the tree lights. I think it's wonderful! It looks so pretty with the light shining from within!
Captain Hormones spent hours and hours working on his project and I have to say I was so proud to see him really try to do a good job instead of just slapping something together. He worked hard on this and it shows. I am very proud of his little project and so is he...

Little Miss Artsy made two ornaments but I couldn't find her gingerbread man to take a picture of.. :( I'll have to ask her about it when she gets home from school tomorrow and add it later. She also made a sled ornament and decorated with the crane that her dad showed her how to make.. So cute!
Frilly Girl made a sled ornament as well and started to make a snowcone ornie but she's still working on it.. here's her sled and then a WIP pic of the snowball...

She did a great job!

I would show you the ornaments I made except I didn't make any! I was too busy helping the kids with theirs. I did however spend a few hours today working on the pincushion gifts that I'm making for my aunt and a friend of mine and hubby's. The pincushions themselves are done, now I'm working on the needlecases and custom pins that will match.... here's what I have finished so far..

More later....

<3 Moriah

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