Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MMmmmm Cupcake............. Pin Cushion!

Oh my gosh! I absolutely love this pincushion!! I made the pattern myself, yep, sure did! It took a few tries before I got it how I wanted it but it turned out even better than I expected! I made this for a swap but I'm also making one for my aunt and a friend of mine for Christmas. Did you notice the pins that are sticking in the pin cushion?? I made those too! I made teeny tiny little cupcakes out of polymer clay and baked them onto straight pins! Matching pins to go with the pin cushion! How cute is that?? I know, I'm way too excited.. okay okay.. calming down... Have a peek at the pics while I do..

I had so much fun making this today! It took about 4 hours from start to finish. It would have been slightly quicker if I had machine sewn it but I hand sewed it instead. The next ones should go much faster now that I have the pattern correct and have already made this one.. I may even make these to sell in my Etsy shop after the first of the year... maybe...

More later..

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