Friday, January 16, 2009

Gifts, Supply Gathering and a New Pincusion Design

So, yesterday (Thursday) my wonderful hubby surprised me with a wonderful gift! I awoke from my slumber and crawled out of my wonderfully warm bed to brave the cold air within my home. I noticed something foreign atop my computer desk that had not been there when I had gone to bed the night before!

It was a graphics tablet!!!! I have been begging for one of these for over a year. I had been drooling over the Wacom versions and it was at the top of my wish list. Well, hubby saw this version on sale at CompUSA when he was there the night before and bought it for me. He didn't say a peep about it all evening so that he could surprise me with it in the morning. I picked up my phone and called him at work to tell him THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! and gush about how much I love him when I moved my mouse to make my screen saver disappear and noticed another surprise he had left me....
Adobe PS was open and this is what I saw on my screen..... We have a running joke that he loves me because I'm perfect. We make people ill and I don't care because I have never been happier than I have been with this man! Thanks again honey!

Then after all of this excitement, my sister popped over. We ran out and got a bite to eat and then headed over to Joann's. I CANNOT BE TRUSTED IN THIS STORE NOR CAN I "window shop" THERE!

We had 19 bolts of fabric in the cart before we knew it and headed to the cutting counter before we could add anymore to the stack! That poor woman at the counter! Just before us she had another lady whom had like 25 bolts, then she gets us! We only got fat quarters from the bolts on most, a few were a full yard but man we were in heaven! I got some really awesome felts and cottons that I have all sorts of things in mind to make with them!
My sister spied a pack of clear plastic shoe party favors and thought they would make cute pincushions so we threw those in the cart as well. We came back to the house and started making some. My sister even had my daughters involved and allowed them each to make one of their own. Below are pics of the clear shoes and the shoe I made. I still have to make the pins to go with it but when I'm done I'll list it in my Etsy shop...


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