Monday, January 12, 2009

New Swaps, New Studio, New Graphic Art Designs :)

Hello Blogland!

I drew up a little sketch of a lollypop gnome girl and was quite smitten by the results...

But... then I didn't know what to do with the sketch.. So, I decided to scan it and open it in Photoshop. I had never "colored" anything before using PS, I know, I know... you're asking if I live in a cave, right? I just haven't had much experience with graphic art. Anyway, I "colored" the sketch with PS and was pleased with that as well! I made two little ATCs for my daughters and then packed the image away for later use...

I just recently started making ATCs and ACEOs, yes, I know, cave question again! I just didn't try them on until recently but I had heard of and seen them awhile ago. After making the ATCs for the girls, I painted a Jinxie ATC as well.

Then I signed up for another ATC swap on This one was for an Alice in Wonderland Character ATC. I did this one in watercolor metallics..

I read the profile of the person I made the ATC for and saw that she liked sideshow stuff so I also made a sideshow theme collage ATC as a little extra. Then I made an envie for them with MLB Studios on it, of course. I hope she likes them! (UPDATE! HERE'S WHAT SHE SAID>>"I love it! ...and thank you for the other ATC- just my style and the best extra I could think of!")

Speaking of swaps.. I also made a pincushion for another swap I joined. The person I'm sending to collects bird nests so I thought it might be kinda cute to do a bird pincushion and pins for her. I also made a matching ATC to go along with everything! I hope she likes everything too! (UPDATE! HERE'S WHAT SHE SAID>>>"Moriah you are such a sweetie! Thanks oodles you put a lot of thought behind it & that is so sweet! thankyou thankyou thankyou!")

Grief, looking at all of these pictures... I think I must really like the teal, red, white and pink color combo right now! lol

Anyway...yesterday my sister popped over after work because she had gone to an auction at a florist shop that was going out of business. She had a wonderful gift for me and I just can't thank her enough! She brought me TONS of ribbon and a tall metal ribbon organizer to hold them all! Ah, look at all of the pretty colors.... drooling.... okay, getting a grip. But really, I was and am in heaven! Thank you Tina!!! Bless her heart! Anyway, here is the lovely ribbon that she blessed me with!

My studio just keeps transforming... over and over... believe it or not, I just about have it the way I want it! I need a new computer chair in the worst way. Mine is hard to sit on and not very comfy. I also need to make some artsy items for the walls and I have a mobile in mind too. Other than that, I'm really happy with my space now! I was able to bring in my dad's old drafting table yesterday as well. I love my space!

Now I must sign off and get back to work!



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