Friday, March 27, 2009

"Homecoming" Mixed Media Painting

8x10 Mixed Media Painting on canvas panel.
Acrylics, watercolor pencils, paper and ink were used in this painting.
Available in my Etsy Shop later today........
Don't tell the others but I think this one is my favorite so far... shhhhhhh.
More Later,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Shroom Gathering Finished!

I finished up a little mixed media painting that I had started last week and never got around to finishing. It's title is " 'Shroom Gathering". Now up for sale on ebay! It's painted on 5X7 canvas panel and will need to be framed. It is signed on the front and the back. Thanks for peeking!

More Later....


Easter Egg Shaped Dotee Doll Swap

I hope my partner has received this already so I don't spoil the surprise. I don't know if she has or not because I haven't received a rating yet. So, if you're looking at this post Bonita, look away if it hasn't been delivered yet!
I don't want to toot my own horn but I think she turned out wonderfully! She's the first doll I've made with embroidered OPEN eyes. Love it!!

More later...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Creeping Crud

That's what we call it when someone in the house gets sick.. They have the creeping crud. It seems as though everyone in the house, but me, has creeping crud today. It started 2 days ago with my son, then my youngest daughter yesterday and now the oldest daughter and the hubby! I'm the only one left standing! I'm usually the last one to get anything. I need to run away for a few days to keep creeping crud from attacking me! This time creeping crud has a fever on the first day, then sore throat and congestion with an irritating little cough. No fun. Keep your fingers crossed that I can continue to keep the creeping crud at bay!
Don't you just love it when people send their kids to school sick? I just love it! I mean share and share alike, right? JERKS! I want to line them up and slap them like the 3 stooges! AND if you're one of the people that knows your child is sick and sends them to school anyway so others can get sick too, SHAME ON YOU! STOP IT!..
Ok, now I'm off to the store to buy Orange Juice, cold medicine and chicken noodle soup! UGH!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello Everyone!
I've been kind of relaxing today and don't have a ton to share for a change but I do have a few things I wanted talk about.
First, if you haven't checked out, DO SO NOW! There are tons of creative people over there and I have been lucky enough to "meet" quite a few of them this week. One of them made me smile today and I just have to share. Her name is PJ Hornberger and she has an accent that I could listen to all day. I watched the videos she had made and I just loved her voice! She seems like a really fun and sweet person as well. Anyway, one of the videos I watched of hers were about Zentangles. I didn't know what they were until I saw her doing them. I've been doing this type of Doodling for years and hadn't realized that it had been given a proper name. It was because of this video that I spent the next 4 hours laying in bed with the hubby and doodling while he watched tv! It was a wonderfully lazy day! Here's the page I made in the Zentangle style for my art journal. Parts of it got chopped off because the page was too big for the scanner and I didn't feel like scanning it twice and trying to photoshop it together....Lazy day, remember? Please go check out PJ's Blog!

Before getting wrapped up in this journal page, I was working on another mixed media painting. It's not finished but I had to snap a picture of my painting table! One little painting sure made a HUGE mess!!!!

That's all I have today! I leave you with a picture of my Dotee/ATC wall. These are Dotee Dolls and ATCs that people send me from Swap-bot Swaps.....They make me happy!

More Later,

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I finished another mixed media painting today. Beauty!

I used the following when creating this piece:

Masking Tape, chalks, acrylics, watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils, pencil, ink, and paper.

I swear to you that mixed media painting has been such a great experience! I cannot believe it took me so long to play with it! I just love it!!

I have a swap or two to finish and some nesting dolls then I'll be painting and making Tootie Dolls! I am also working on a contest that I promised last month but I may have to push it back to April. I'm busy, busy, busy, so stay tuned!

More Later,
Moriah (AKA Tootie)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Round and round....Get this done, do that, try this, finish that, handle this, start that... my head is spinning!

My sister wanted me to make her an art doll for her birthday last October and gave me this list of things that she wanted me to use in order to make it. 12 inch gourd, red and black stained glass pieces and some other stuff. I just couldn't get inspired. It wasn't that I didn't want to make her something for her birthday, I just couldn't get inspired by her requirements. She said it was a challenge. I couldn't do it. So, I kept putting it off, telling her I'd get to it, and yes I really was going to try, but I just never could start it. So finally, after seeing the painting I had done on the cover of my art journal, she asked if I'd make her a painting instead. I said SURE!!! This time she said I had free reign on the design. That I can do! You see, I really really don't like having other people tell me what to make. It takes all of the fun out of it for me which is also why I VERY RARELY ever accept custom orders and commissions. Someone else's vision may not necessarily be mine and it's no fun for me unless it's my inspiration. ANYWAY.... I decided that I'd do a portrait of her and her "family" my style. She has 2 cats and 4 dogs that tear up everything she owns. While they destroy everything, she loves them to death so I thought it appropriate to include them in the painting. I'm waiting for her to send me pics of them so I can paint the animals. I have the base coat on several and haven't even started on 2 of them. I need to see their markings first. Anyway, here is a pic of the work in progress...... it has a long way to go to be finished but you'll get the general idea..

I think she's gonna love it!
So, my wonderful, enabling husband took me to the craft store over the weekend because I was in search of watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils and gel medium. We had two 40% off coupons so he went along so we could use them both. I keep waiting for the day to come where he says, "Ok, enough is enough! You have plenty of supplies, just use what you already have!" But, so far in 3 years, he's never said it. He just smiles and says get whatever you need. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone in your life that not only understands your obsession but supports it 100%! He's just my Mr. Wonderful! Anyway, I was able to score all that I had gone to purchase! The pencils were the really cheapo versions and it shows, they suck! Next time I'll invest the cash for the good ones. The crayons, however, rock! They are so much fun to play with and I have been experimenting with them. The gel medium isn't the brand I wanted (Golden) but it's gel medium nonetheless. Without using Golden, I don't know if it's the same or not. It's working okay for me though.

Since I couldn't do anymore on my sister's painting, I started another mixed media painting of Little Red Riding Hood. It's on a 5X7 canvas panel and is about 50% finished.... she's still in progress and resting until tomorrow...

Oh, before I forget, I have to share 2 great swaps I received in the mail today!!!!!
The first is the Ogling Owlie swap and this gorgeous little owl made it's way here from Germany!

Thank you, Christine! I absolutely adore him!

The other goodie that arrived was for a private swap between myself and Emily for a gnome Dotee. This was so fun! I had been wanting to make a gnome girl Dotee for quite sometime! Here is the lovely Gnome Dotee that Emily sent to me all the way from the UK..

I just love her winking eye!! Thanks so much Emily, yours is on her way!
Speaking of hers, I forgot that I never shared the one I made..

What a great swap day!
The girls finished up their dotee dolls for the Kid's Dotee Doll Swap that I'm hosting just a bit later than planned. We're still sending them before the due date, but we had hoped to have them finished last week. Oh well. Anyway, the first one is my 10 year old's work. She made it completely on her own. The second one is my 7 year old's creation. I made the doll body and she did the face, hanger and tail. They are very proud, as they should be and are very excited to received the dolls that were made for them.

I also finished up the 5 ATCs that need to be mailed out by tomorrow for the Free Theme #3 Swap. Nothing like last minute, eh? The point is that they are finished and ready to go to the Post Office in the morning! Whew..... spinning again!
I really need to post more often so the posts aren't so long! My fingers hurt from all of the typing! ;)
Okay, enough for now, I'll share more tomorrow....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Changes............are good!

Hello everyone!

I have a tiny little announcement to make, well, more like a half announcement. MLB Studios is changing it's name! I can't tell you to what yet but I think the new name better suits me and the direction I want to go with my art. I just registered the domain today and now have the busy task of creating the new site. It's gonna be AWHILE!!!! I really want to do this up right and I can't do "right" in a day! So, for now, eveything will remain the same. Soon though, I will begin to transfer eveything over. Yay!!!! I'm very excited!

Also, I had a blast today! I sat down and painted up an 8 X 10 mixed media painting and had soooo much fun doing it! For this piece I used acrylic paints, pencil, paper, lace, oil pastels, chalks and a canvas panel. FUNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Ok, back to work, more later.....


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gifts, Dinner and Art!

Hello everyone!!

I had an awesome birthday weekend and I have a lot to share so be forewarned that this is a LONG post!

My actual birthday was Saturday but it seems like I've been celebrating for a week! It started last weekend when my sister-in-law surprised me with a trip to an auction for art supplies! Throughout the week I received emails and notes and comments from so many people wishing me a happy birthday and it was just so sweet! Thanks everyone! Then came the actual day.

It started off much like any other day. A little cleaning, a load of laundry, hugs and kisses from the daughters, a birthday "good morning" from the son. My husband had to work on Saturday and wasn't expected home until around 4 pm. So, I just decided to take it easy, hang out and enjoy the day.

I walked out to my driveway to get some fresh air and to look at the sky and plants when I noticed the cabinet I have been spying for 3 days in my neighbor's driveway was sitting out to the curb!!!! I saw it sitting by their garage door for days and kept hoping they were getting rid of it but as we all know, if it isn't at the curb, it isn't fair game. I was so excited that I ran in the house and grabbed the kids to help me carry this thing home! Now, when I show it to you you're probably going to think that I have lost my mind, but trust me, it's going to be fabulous when I'm done with it!

When I first grabbed it and brought it home it had been spray painted white (without sanding it first) and some yellow and white checked fabric had been stapled to the front panels of the door with the doors having been painted an awful shade of blue. YUCK!! So, I immediately ripped off the fabric only to find more yuck beneath! Under the fabric was really torn up wicker type stuff. So, I grabbed my exacto blade and got to work removing that as well! Whew!

Then I started peeling some of the paint off to see what was underneath. The drawers in this thing are dove tail and it's all solid wood! Hubby believes it's oak. It has GREAT bones! I love the clean lines and absence of frills. It'll be perfect in the studio as soon as I get it stripped down, sanded and add my artistic touches here and there. I'm very excited about the whole thing!

So, I present to you the newest addition to the studio (in progress)...

It's not the best picture, maybe I'll try to get a better shot tomorrow.
Anyway, after all of this excitement, I went out and got the mail and had some swap mail!! Whoo hoo, bday present in the box! I brought the envelope into my studio and quickly tore it open to find an Egg Shaped Dotee Doll from Dana!!! I love her, she's very cute and I proudly hung her up with my other dotees in the studio!
Okay, so yes it was for a swap but it came on my birthday so I'm calling it a bday gift!
Thanks, Dana!
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, hubby got home from work and patiently listened as I rambled on an on about the new cabinet and my plans for it. When I finally took a breath, he pulled a dozen white roses out from behind his back! White roses are my absolute favorite flower and I was ALMOST brought to tears when I saw them. He is just so wonderful!

Now I have some gorgeous flowers in the studio to inspire me! In case you missed it the first 400 times I said this, I HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL HUSBAND ON THE PLANET! He truly is the perfect man for me!

After all the gushy stuff, hubby and I headed out for dinner. We went to our fav steakhouse, enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation then stopped at Hollywood Video to rent some movies to watch with the kids before heading home.
What a great day!

So, that brings us to today, Sunday. Today we packed everyone into the car and headed into Tampa for the 39th Annual Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of the Arts.

300 booths of wonderfully creative eye candy to look at! Nothing is more inspirational than that! The hubby and I enjoyed MANY of the works we saw there but a few were our absolute favorites and I'd like to share those with you here.

Our very favorite art and display was that of Lewis Tardy. His business card is displayed above and is the one with the bull on it. Al I can say is WOW!!!! This artist is truly amazing and the whole family spent quite a long time studying each and every piece he had on display! Please visit his website to see all of his amazing works!

Our number 2 pick was the works by Roberto Gutierrez. The movement and motion is his pieces was amazing! The muscle tone in the sculpts everything was wonderful!

Here are 2 of his works (photos were borrowed from the artist's website):


New Alliance:

Please visit Roberto's website to see more! You won't be disappointed!

Coming in at number 3 is Philippe Guillerm. He creates the most wonder sculptures in wood! We spent quite awhile at this display as well! Each piece was more wonderful than the last.

Here are 2 of our favorite pieces (pictures borrowed from artist's website):

Please visit Philippe's website to see more works..

Number 4 on our list is Lou Michaels. I was so drawn to the piece below... I studied it for quite some time and believe me, if I could have afforded it, this piece would be on my wall right now!

(Images borrowed from artist's website)

Go check out the rest of the eye candy from this artist at his website..

Finishing up our top 5 list is Jim Casey. He does horse sculptures. They are so raw and crude and I absolutely love them!

(Image borrowed from artist's website)

There are a lot of pieces shown on his website, please check them out!

So there you have it folks! It was a great day, the weather was perfect (80 degrees and sunny), I was surrounded by art and family, it was just perfect!

So, now it's time to head off to bed because tomorrow I return to the regular schedule and have some projects that need my attention!

More Later....


Saturday, March 7, 2009

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My youngest daughter used to have a little Frederica doll that would say certain phrases when you pushed her button.

One of the things she said was .....


I hated that doll! It had the most annoying voice! So, now everytime there is a birthday, what do I do? I imitate that irritating doll! As my hubby says, that which you resist the most........ Ugh!

Anyway, today I am hangin' out with my peeps otherwise known as my family and enjoying the day. I have turned 25 AGAIN today! (it's my 9th time)

More Later...


Friday, March 6, 2009

Knee Deep and Library Love

My goodness! I have been a sewing fool for 2 days straight! With the exception of bathroom breaks, meal breaks and the occasional need of a referee, I have been machine and hand sewing like crazy! I have before me 57 'Tudie Doll Blanks! They are staring up at me as I type this. So many dolls, so many possibilities! Each one is patiently waiting their turn to be beautified and accessorised! I machine sewed all of the bodies and stuffed them yesterday. Today I spent the day adding their hangers, sewing them closed and adding their face plates. Whew! I'm about 23 hours in with these dolls! Worth every second though!

Here's some eye candy...

I'll get started on embellishing them on Monday. Tomorrow is my birthday and I plan on hangin' out with the kiddos during the day and then hubby and I are going out for dinner tomorrow evening. Sunday the whole family is heading to an art festival in Tampa for a day of warm weather, sunshine and art. It doesn't get much better than that! So, my creating is on hold until Monday. I also have to finish the gnome dotee for the private swap and get it out too! Lots to do next week!

Don't you just love the library nowadays? I mean I always loved the library but now it's just plain awesome! I can now sit in the comfort of my easy chair, log into the library system and search for books I'm interested in at all of the libraries in my county. Then, once I find the books I want, I reserve them and wait for the friendly call letting me know that I have books waiting for me at my home branch! I drive to the library, walk straight to the check out counter, gather my books and out the door I go! LOVE IT! I like to hang out at the library too but I really like "shopping" for my books at home and then just going to pick them up. No more hunting, no more wandering around, just in, grab and go! Whoo hoo! Now that's my kind of library! What on earth did we do before the internet??

So, anyway, I went to the library the other day and picked up my reserved items as instructed by the friendly recorded message I received earlier in the day. 3 collage books and 1 ATC book! I couldn't wait to get home, kick my feet up and take a gander!

Artist Trading Card Workshop - Bernie Berlin
Collage Discovery Workshop - Claudine Hellmuth
Collage Lost and Found - Giuseppina "Josie" Cirincione
Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected - Claudine Hellmuth

Very yummy books indeed! I have been going through them several times a day for a few days now! I'm playing with collage (behind the scenes) lately and I wanted some more info. These books are packed with inspiration, eye candy, technique how tos, just loaded with all things wonderful!! I highly recommend them!

Ok, it's been a very long day, I have to go tend to some pulled pork that's going in the crock pot for tomorrow and then drag my behind off to bed!

More later...


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Play Day

So, as promised, I played all day! I got out the paints, stamps, inks, pencil, glue, chip board, papers, etc and made some ACEOs. I'm finding that I'm still a little scared of the collage part. I end up wanting to paint more than collage. I'm gonna have to work on that! I'm pretty pleased with the results, though.

This first one is my favorite... Believe.... (didn't manage to get any collage elements in this one...)

Then I made this one..... Love...... (No collage here either... errrrrrr)

Finally, the last one I made today.... Indulge.....(This one has added paper for the hat and dress)

I seem to be pretty stiff when painting. I'm doing some exercises to loosen up. Gotta get more collage elements in them too but I'm having a lot of fun exploring it. That's all that really matters anyway!

More Later.....