Thursday, March 19, 2009


I finished another mixed media painting today. Beauty!

I used the following when creating this piece:

Masking Tape, chalks, acrylics, watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils, pencil, ink, and paper.

I swear to you that mixed media painting has been such a great experience! I cannot believe it took me so long to play with it! I just love it!!

I have a swap or two to finish and some nesting dolls then I'll be painting and making Tootie Dolls! I am also working on a contest that I promised last month but I may have to push it back to April. I'm busy, busy, busy, so stay tuned!

More Later,
Moriah (AKA Tootie)

1 comment:

sassypackrat said...

This is adorable! You've insipred me to give it a try too.