Friday, March 13, 2009

Changes............are good!

Hello everyone!

I have a tiny little announcement to make, well, more like a half announcement. MLB Studios is changing it's name! I can't tell you to what yet but I think the new name better suits me and the direction I want to go with my art. I just registered the domain today and now have the busy task of creating the new site. It's gonna be AWHILE!!!! I really want to do this up right and I can't do "right" in a day! So, for now, eveything will remain the same. Soon though, I will begin to transfer eveything over. Yay!!!! I'm very excited!

Also, I had a blast today! I sat down and painted up an 8 X 10 mixed media painting and had soooo much fun doing it! For this piece I used acrylic paints, pencil, paper, lace, oil pastels, chalks and a canvas panel. FUNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Ok, back to work, more later.....


1 comment:

sassypackrat said...

SO cute! Can't wait to see all your "Changes"!