Sunday, March 22, 2009

Creeping Crud

That's what we call it when someone in the house gets sick.. They have the creeping crud. It seems as though everyone in the house, but me, has creeping crud today. It started 2 days ago with my son, then my youngest daughter yesterday and now the oldest daughter and the hubby! I'm the only one left standing! I'm usually the last one to get anything. I need to run away for a few days to keep creeping crud from attacking me! This time creeping crud has a fever on the first day, then sore throat and congestion with an irritating little cough. No fun. Keep your fingers crossed that I can continue to keep the creeping crud at bay!
Don't you just love it when people send their kids to school sick? I just love it! I mean share and share alike, right? JERKS! I want to line them up and slap them like the 3 stooges! AND if you're one of the people that knows your child is sick and sends them to school anyway so others can get sick too, SHAME ON YOU! STOP IT!..
Ok, now I'm off to the store to buy Orange Juice, cold medicine and chicken noodle soup! UGH!

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