Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello Everyone!
I've been kind of relaxing today and don't have a ton to share for a change but I do have a few things I wanted talk about.
First, if you haven't checked out, DO SO NOW! There are tons of creative people over there and I have been lucky enough to "meet" quite a few of them this week. One of them made me smile today and I just have to share. Her name is PJ Hornberger and she has an accent that I could listen to all day. I watched the videos she had made and I just loved her voice! She seems like a really fun and sweet person as well. Anyway, one of the videos I watched of hers were about Zentangles. I didn't know what they were until I saw her doing them. I've been doing this type of Doodling for years and hadn't realized that it had been given a proper name. It was because of this video that I spent the next 4 hours laying in bed with the hubby and doodling while he watched tv! It was a wonderfully lazy day! Here's the page I made in the Zentangle style for my art journal. Parts of it got chopped off because the page was too big for the scanner and I didn't feel like scanning it twice and trying to photoshop it together....Lazy day, remember? Please go check out PJ's Blog!

Before getting wrapped up in this journal page, I was working on another mixed media painting. It's not finished but I had to snap a picture of my painting table! One little painting sure made a HUGE mess!!!!

That's all I have today! I leave you with a picture of my Dotee/ATC wall. These are Dotee Dolls and ATCs that people send me from Swap-bot Swaps.....They make me happy!

More Later,


PJ's talking2.... said...

Oh, I love your doodling. Especially the little faces & fish, and and .... all of it. I gotta try the little faces. Now you've shown me a ton of stuff I've GOT to try. thanks, PJ

PJ's talking2.... said...

I wish I had a wall. I love your clothes line for ideas/pics. And it looks good. xo PJ