Friday, March 6, 2009

Knee Deep and Library Love

My goodness! I have been a sewing fool for 2 days straight! With the exception of bathroom breaks, meal breaks and the occasional need of a referee, I have been machine and hand sewing like crazy! I have before me 57 'Tudie Doll Blanks! They are staring up at me as I type this. So many dolls, so many possibilities! Each one is patiently waiting their turn to be beautified and accessorised! I machine sewed all of the bodies and stuffed them yesterday. Today I spent the day adding their hangers, sewing them closed and adding their face plates. Whew! I'm about 23 hours in with these dolls! Worth every second though!

Here's some eye candy...

I'll get started on embellishing them on Monday. Tomorrow is my birthday and I plan on hangin' out with the kiddos during the day and then hubby and I are going out for dinner tomorrow evening. Sunday the whole family is heading to an art festival in Tampa for a day of warm weather, sunshine and art. It doesn't get much better than that! So, my creating is on hold until Monday. I also have to finish the gnome dotee for the private swap and get it out too! Lots to do next week!

Don't you just love the library nowadays? I mean I always loved the library but now it's just plain awesome! I can now sit in the comfort of my easy chair, log into the library system and search for books I'm interested in at all of the libraries in my county. Then, once I find the books I want, I reserve them and wait for the friendly call letting me know that I have books waiting for me at my home branch! I drive to the library, walk straight to the check out counter, gather my books and out the door I go! LOVE IT! I like to hang out at the library too but I really like "shopping" for my books at home and then just going to pick them up. No more hunting, no more wandering around, just in, grab and go! Whoo hoo! Now that's my kind of library! What on earth did we do before the internet??

So, anyway, I went to the library the other day and picked up my reserved items as instructed by the friendly recorded message I received earlier in the day. 3 collage books and 1 ATC book! I couldn't wait to get home, kick my feet up and take a gander!

Artist Trading Card Workshop - Bernie Berlin
Collage Discovery Workshop - Claudine Hellmuth
Collage Lost and Found - Giuseppina "Josie" Cirincione
Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected - Claudine Hellmuth

Very yummy books indeed! I have been going through them several times a day for a few days now! I'm playing with collage (behind the scenes) lately and I wanted some more info. These books are packed with inspiration, eye candy, technique how tos, just loaded with all things wonderful!! I highly recommend them!

Ok, it's been a very long day, I have to go tend to some pulled pork that's going in the crock pot for tomorrow and then drag my behind off to bed!

More later...