Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Play Day

So, as promised, I played all day! I got out the paints, stamps, inks, pencil, glue, chip board, papers, etc and made some ACEOs. I'm finding that I'm still a little scared of the collage part. I end up wanting to paint more than collage. I'm gonna have to work on that! I'm pretty pleased with the results, though.

This first one is my favorite... Believe.... (didn't manage to get any collage elements in this one...)

Then I made this one..... Love...... (No collage here either... errrrrrr)

Finally, the last one I made today.... Indulge.....(This one has added paper for the hat and dress)

I seem to be pretty stiff when painting. I'm doing some exercises to loosen up. Gotta get more collage elements in them too but I'm having a lot of fun exploring it. That's all that really matters anyway!

More Later.....


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