Monday, March 16, 2009


Round and round....Get this done, do that, try this, finish that, handle this, start that... my head is spinning!

My sister wanted me to make her an art doll for her birthday last October and gave me this list of things that she wanted me to use in order to make it. 12 inch gourd, red and black stained glass pieces and some other stuff. I just couldn't get inspired. It wasn't that I didn't want to make her something for her birthday, I just couldn't get inspired by her requirements. She said it was a challenge. I couldn't do it. So, I kept putting it off, telling her I'd get to it, and yes I really was going to try, but I just never could start it. So finally, after seeing the painting I had done on the cover of my art journal, she asked if I'd make her a painting instead. I said SURE!!! This time she said I had free reign on the design. That I can do! You see, I really really don't like having other people tell me what to make. It takes all of the fun out of it for me which is also why I VERY RARELY ever accept custom orders and commissions. Someone else's vision may not necessarily be mine and it's no fun for me unless it's my inspiration. ANYWAY.... I decided that I'd do a portrait of her and her "family" my style. She has 2 cats and 4 dogs that tear up everything she owns. While they destroy everything, she loves them to death so I thought it appropriate to include them in the painting. I'm waiting for her to send me pics of them so I can paint the animals. I have the base coat on several and haven't even started on 2 of them. I need to see their markings first. Anyway, here is a pic of the work in progress...... it has a long way to go to be finished but you'll get the general idea..

I think she's gonna love it!
So, my wonderful, enabling husband took me to the craft store over the weekend because I was in search of watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils and gel medium. We had two 40% off coupons so he went along so we could use them both. I keep waiting for the day to come where he says, "Ok, enough is enough! You have plenty of supplies, just use what you already have!" But, so far in 3 years, he's never said it. He just smiles and says get whatever you need. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone in your life that not only understands your obsession but supports it 100%! He's just my Mr. Wonderful! Anyway, I was able to score all that I had gone to purchase! The pencils were the really cheapo versions and it shows, they suck! Next time I'll invest the cash for the good ones. The crayons, however, rock! They are so much fun to play with and I have been experimenting with them. The gel medium isn't the brand I wanted (Golden) but it's gel medium nonetheless. Without using Golden, I don't know if it's the same or not. It's working okay for me though.

Since I couldn't do anymore on my sister's painting, I started another mixed media painting of Little Red Riding Hood. It's on a 5X7 canvas panel and is about 50% finished.... she's still in progress and resting until tomorrow...

Oh, before I forget, I have to share 2 great swaps I received in the mail today!!!!!
The first is the Ogling Owlie swap and this gorgeous little owl made it's way here from Germany!

Thank you, Christine! I absolutely adore him!

The other goodie that arrived was for a private swap between myself and Emily for a gnome Dotee. This was so fun! I had been wanting to make a gnome girl Dotee for quite sometime! Here is the lovely Gnome Dotee that Emily sent to me all the way from the UK..

I just love her winking eye!! Thanks so much Emily, yours is on her way!
Speaking of hers, I forgot that I never shared the one I made..

What a great swap day!
The girls finished up their dotee dolls for the Kid's Dotee Doll Swap that I'm hosting just a bit later than planned. We're still sending them before the due date, but we had hoped to have them finished last week. Oh well. Anyway, the first one is my 10 year old's work. She made it completely on her own. The second one is my 7 year old's creation. I made the doll body and she did the face, hanger and tail. They are very proud, as they should be and are very excited to received the dolls that were made for them.

I also finished up the 5 ATCs that need to be mailed out by tomorrow for the Free Theme #3 Swap. Nothing like last minute, eh? The point is that they are finished and ready to go to the Post Office in the morning! Whew..... spinning again!
I really need to post more often so the posts aren't so long! My fingers hurt from all of the typing! ;)
Okay, enough for now, I'll share more tomorrow....

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