Thursday, April 9, 2009

The First Family Paint and Pass is Complete!

My sister, Tina painted her part on the paint and pass today! It is now completed. We put our names in a hat to see who would get to keep the original painting and we drew out Tina's name, so Congrats! You are the keeper of the very first Paint and Pass! I have scanned the painting and will frame a print for us. We are moving on to paint and pass number two now and have figured out the painting order. After we complete this one I'll be organizing one which will include out of town relatives as well. When that one is finished, I'll draw a name again for the original and send prints to everyone else.

I don't want to burn them out on this but I'm hoping to do Family wide ones once a year. Maybe more if enough people want to do more.

So anyway, here's the completed Paint and Pass #1 for our little family of 6...

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