Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Memories in the Making

I spend a ridiculous amount of time at night cruising the internet! I belong to a few groups on Ning that I enjoy and of course I end up looking at a million blogs, vlogs and how to vids, tutorials and such. I saw a group of artists were participating in a "Paint and Pass" started by another artist and decided to do this with the members of my family. It's me, my hubby, my son, my 2 daughters and my sister. 6 of us in all. All of the females in the family love to create art! We can't get enough of it! The two males, well let's just say their enthusiasm is less than fact, I was confident that I'd have to drag my son kicking and screaming into the studio. I told everyone (except my sister) my plans and what it was that we were going to be doing. Hubby was on board, son grumbled but agreed and daughters were so excited they were jumping up and down and making the numbers to put in the hat!

We put 6 numbers in a hat and each of us (except my sister) drew a number. The number signified the order in which we would be painting. The number that was left in the hat was assigned to my sister and it happened to be the number 6 anyway.

Okay, some of you may not know what a Paint and Pass is, so let me explain before I go any further. In a paint and pass each person paints on one canvas and then passes that canvas to the next person to add their work and so on until everyone has contributed and you have a completed painting.

I thought it would be a great way to bring the family together to work as a team while at the same time encouraging creativity! When it is finished, we are going to frame it and hang it in our home. I plan on doing many of these and am hoping to include some out of town family members as well by sending it to them and having them send it back when they're done. I really want one of my aunts and my mother to participate but I don't think either of them have any paints!!!! Maybe I'll send some paint to! Another of my aunt's is very crafty and I'm sure she has some paint around. Okay, I'm rambling...

So, we all drew numbers and Hubby got #1, my son #2, me #3, youngest daughter #4, oldest daughter #5, and sister #6. This is the order in which we will add to the singular painting. I have to admit, I truly thought hubby would slap one color onto the canvas and then hand it off but I was so impressed with what he painted! He knew this meant a lot to me and he did such a great job! He really put some effort into it which both surprised and delighted me! He used several colors, and even added some texture!!!

My goal was to take a pic after each person added to the painting. I screwed up and let my son start his contribution before taking a picture of hubby's work... ugh..

My son's contribution was a single cloud so imagine the painting without a cloud and that was the hubby's work..

Here is the painting at stage 2 after hubby and my son's contributions....

Now it's being passed to me for my contribution.. I'm working on it now and will post another pic when I'm done (tonight or tomorrow).
I am loving this! What a treasure to have and pass down! Maybe I'll even start a new tradition in my family! Maybe someday my kids will be explaining paint and pass to their children or even grandchildren! You can never have too much art! We are starting out with 5x7 canvas panels and will work up to larger paintings in the future (I didn't want to terrify the male members with a large painting right off!).
So, to my sister... you better be ready to paint when you come this week!
To the rest of my family... get ready! I'm coming after the rest of you soon!
To my blogland friends... if you do a paint and pass with your family, friends, groups, etc, please let me know and share some pictures! I'd love to see your creations!
More Later... Off to paint!

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