Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Painting in the Works...

Hello everyone!

I hope your Easter Holiday was everything you hoped it to be! We had a great day! The Easter Bunny was a big hit, of course, and the kids were spoiled by a few of our neighbors who also gave them baskets full of goodies. The girls and I did a little mixed media painting which I would show you but as soon as theirs were finished, they dashed out of the house with them to give them to our neighbors.. hrumph..

I haven't finished the painting I started on but it is in progress and I'm really starting to get the hang of this painting thing! I'm enjoying it more and more and can see improvements in each new piece. Here is my painting that I'm working on as I type this (Waiting for a layer to dry).

Oh that was awesome! The most wonderful cool breeze just came through my studio and it felt and smelled great! I think it's getting ready to rain and thank goodness for it! We desperately need rain here in Florida! All of the ponds and lakes are really low and the water table is really low too! It has been hot and sticky for a few days so the cool breeze blowing through was a real treat!
I got off track.... :)
Okay, so that's the painting I'm working on at the moment. It's on wood and I'll be using ribbon as a hanger on the top of it when it's done. It measures about 8.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall.
I have a quick question. For those of you that have left a comment on my blog, have you received any replies from me? I receive an email every time a comment is left and I always reply to that email since it has the commentor's email addy in the email. I'm just curious if you're actually getting them or if they're being dumped in bloggerville somewhere. Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know if you have received my responses to your comments. I'd really appreciate it! I'd hate to think you're not receiving them and that you think I'm ignoring your comments, because I'm not, I promise! I respond to each and every one!Thanks!
Okay, the paint is dry, back to work! Have a great Monday and I'll be back later with more great stuff!


Amy Beth said...


I am so sorry you lost your father. Colon cancer is very cruel. I'm sure that must have been very difficult for you to go through.

Thanks for the kinds words and encouragement. I really appreciate it!

Amy Beth

sassypackrat said...

Yes I am receiving your replies and lovely encouraging words. Thanks also for being one of my blog followers! If I haven't replied to you it's because I'm still trying to figure out how to do that!
Can't wait to see the new piece finished, looks great so far!

sarah said...

Great start, can't wait to see more. I like to use a heat gun (blow dryer works too) to speed along the drying process between layers...