Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crack Me Up!

Today my daughters came home from school with Mother's Day gifts they had made in class. Being just like their mom, they couldn't wait until Sunday to give them to me.

My youngest daughter (age 7) presented hers first and I laughed myself sick!

It was a booklet in the shape of a strawberry and she wrote some stuff inside. It was all very sweet but the part that cracked me up was this..

In case you can't read it in the picture, let me translate it for you..

"On Mother's Day I'll do anything you want me to except smell your feet, mom.. "

DARN IT! I could really use a good toe sniffin' today too! Drats! I just love her humor and whit!

My oldest daughter (age 9) was next up and for her gift she was supposed to write my "real" name and then use words that describe me. I think she was right on target.. I love the tissue paper collage she made too!

She is truly a little artist in the making and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, to come in the studio and do WHATEVER!

Thank you girls! You made my day and I love you both beyond words!

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