Friday, May 1, 2009

Finished Art Journal Page

Please excuse the watermark... there are some wonderful people in China stealing people's art work in their blog posts and using it for their own monetary gain so now I have to make them work harder to use my stuff. Nothing you put online is safe... nothing! You can "no right click" you can watermark, you can take sideways pictures, etc etc. They can still use them. However, I will try to make them work for it!
Anyway, here's the finished painting I started yesterday in my art journal. Thanks to a helpful reader, I will be offering prints of my paintings very soon! Thank you Sassy Pack Rat!

And here's a close up of the crackle effect on the mirror frame...

I also got a really cool book from the library! If you haven't read it yet and you enjoy mixed media, I highly recommend it!

Taking Flight by: Kelly Rae Roberts

(Pictures borrowed from the author's website)
More Later,

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