Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pay It Forward

A blogger friend, Sassy Pack Rat, had a Pay It Forward challenge on her blog about a month ago. I was one of recipients of her personalised stationary and now it's up to me to Pay It Forward.

So I've gotten my act together and and put this little thing together.

It works like this: I announce the challenge and specifics, interested people comment on this post, I announce the winners, and then those people start a challenge on their blog and the Pay it Forward goes on and on!

Important::!! This is not a giveaway or contest where you leave a comment and win something free. For this challenge, you must Pay it Forward if your name is drawn as a winner. No excuses! The important thing here is to spread happiness and joy around, not to "win" free stuff. So, if you don't want to do a Pay it Forward of your own or don't think you'll have the time to do it, please DO NOT comment about this post.

Here's how I'm doing this PIF.

1. My 7 year old daughter will randomly pick 3 people who comment as winners. I'll record the drawing on my new video camera and post the video as my announcement of the winners. So tell your friends and spread the word!

2. Once you win you must post a Pay It Forward on your blog and send me your link so I know you have completed your end of the bargain. Then I'll mail you your winnings.

3. I'll announce the winners on May 24th!

4. I guess you're wondering what exactly it is that you'll be winning...
For this Pay it Forward, the first name drawn will receive an original 8x10 mixed media painting titled "Hufflepuff"! The second name drawn will receive a Jester Tootie Doll. The third name drawn will receive an 8x10 professional print titled "Homecoming".

First Prize Original 8x10 mixed media painting titled "Hufflepuff" on canvas board. (easel not included)

Second Prize, handmade Jester Tootie Doll

Third prize, 8x10 professional print of Original Mixed Media painting titled "Homecoming".

In other news, my husband surprised me with a new camera! I am now armed with a tiny video camera and my children are shaking with fear! Muhawhaw. Seriously though, I'll now be able to show you how I do some different things and share special occasions with family and friends. I'm very excited about it all! I also went and picked up the easel yesterday! It's perfect and exactly what I needed! I really thought I'd want a big beefy floor model easel but I have to tell you, this one rocks! I can collapse the legs and work on any table or desk, I can extend the legs and work from a seated position or extend them further and work standing up. I can fold the whole thing down, put paints and brushes and such in the drawer and carry it with me to the beach and paint there. I love, love, love it! Thank you Shannon for agreeing to hold it for me and coming to my side of town to deliver it! You're a gem!

The camera hubby bought was also a Craig's List find. A $325.00 camera that was used twice for $150.00. The easel, $150 new, my cost $35. I can't recommend Craig's List enough. One of these days I'll have to do a video of all of the things we have purchased or gotten for free on Craig's List!

Anyway, I better get off of here and actually do something with the rest of the day that I have left. Make sure you post a comment so you have a chance to win and go check out the Craig's List for your area!

More Later....



mystele said...

thank you so much for stopping by to encourage me!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Love love this painting!!