Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday Easel Date

I have been keeping my eye out on Craig's List for an easel for a few months now. I've seen a couple come up but they were a bit out of my price range. I had high hopes with a few until pictures were sent and they were display easels instead. Today, however, the most wonderful thing happened! I saw an ad for an "artist easel" but it didn't have a picture included. I emailed the lister and asked for photos. It was in fact an artist easel and not a display easel! It was wood and a floor model like I wanted! It is a travel easel which I like even more! The price is more than perfect at $35.00. The best part is that she is willing to hold it until Saturday for me! Whoo hoo! So this Saturday I have a very important date to pick up a new friend who I will be spending lots of creative hours in the studio with!
Here it is! I'm so excited. Doesn't take much, I know!

I just love Craig's List! I can't tell you how many AWESOME deals I have found on there! The computer wall unit I have in my studio was a Craig's list find and it was FREE!!! The huge half circle conference tables (3 of them) were also FREE! Countless art supplies, bikes, a grill, chairs, all Craig's List finds and dirt cheap or free. Oh, we just bought a 3 times used soft sided water bed with headboard, 2 night stands and 2 lamps for CHEAP too! I search the listings every day. When something pops up that I'm in need of for free or cheap, I jump on it. I think I like the thrill of the bargain more than the actual stuff though! It's almost a high when you get that great deal on something you need. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a shopaholic. I don't get a high from shopping, just when I find what I need in great condition for pennies on the dollar! Who needs drugs when you have that?? Not me! Okay, okay, I can hear my friends and family calling me out as they're reading this. I'm not a shopaholic unless it's art supplies. In that situation, I cannot be trusted and need supervision! I just can't have enough art supplies.
Alright, I've rambled on and on for too long and need to get my butt in the bed! Goodnight all!

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sassypackrat said...

What a wonderful find! I used to have an artist easel when I was in art school. I kept it for many years but when I realized I wouldn't paint again, (plus family pressure to just get rid of that thing!)I gave it away. I'm really sad about that now eventhough I have no where to set it up now anyway.
So happy for you! You got a great price!