Sunday, May 3, 2009

So many projects so little time!

Hello All!

I have projects that I need to finish up and a ton that I want to start! I am also excited to announce that the Hubby and I are desperately searching for a deal on a 8 mp+ HD Video camera because............ I will be making HOW TO videos!!! Whoo hoo! I probably will not film myself, but will film what I'm doing and speak. I have classes on the list of to dos, DVDs, and eventually, local workshops too! Classes will be on mixed media painting, sculpting with paper clay, sculpting with polymer clay, art dolls, fabric dolls, dollhouse miniatures in several different themes and whatever else I think of! I am asked by so many people how I do this or that and I thought it would be fun to do videos that teach how I do things.

So, whenever we find that killer deal on a camera, I'll be starting that.

I'm placing a tester order with a printing company to see what they have, to touch it, feel it, compare between finshes. Once I decide what will work best for prints of my works, I'll be ordering and adding prints to my shop.

Right now I'm playing with soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolor and acrylics. My hands are MESSY! Which is exactly how I like it!

So, keep checking back, lots of stuff in the works. Oh... and I'm going to be starting slinging clay too! Whoo hoo! So much to do so little time! First I have to finish an order and a request and a gift painting before I allow myself to move on to any other projects. Once those are done, I'll start on the rest. I'll also be offering a few short tutorials in picture form here now and again. If there is anything you're interested in learning, that I know how to do, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Ok, off to clean up my mess, more later..

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sassypackrat said...

Wow you are going to be so busy! I can't wait to see the tutorials! I love to see to process of how things are made.