Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Very Excited

Hello everyone! I'm afraid I won't be making any art or posting any blog posts for a few days as I am preparing for a mini vacation this weekend and I'm very excited!

My wonderful husband is doing some work for a resort in Orlando and worked out a deal with them that in lieu of cash payment, he would accept a barter situation. So..... the Betterly clan is headed to Orlando this weekend for a mini vaction packed with activity!
We will be leaving our place at 4:30 am on Saturday and will arrive at the Driftwood Worldgate Resort at 6 am.

The kids and I will grab some breakfast and hang poolside for the better part of the day while the hubby works.

The Hubby will knock of around 6pm and then we're heading out for a bite for dinner. After dinner we're off to........
(OMG, so excited about this one)

I have been dying to see this show!!!!! Hubby scored tickets for all 5 of us to go to the show!! What an amazing treat! I'm very excited if you couldn't tell! ;)

After the show, we'll grab a treat and head back to the resort to fall into bed. Hubby scored a double room for us so we'll have our own space and the kids theirs but still connected through an interior door.

I have a feeling that none of us will have a hard time falling asleep after such a long day Saturday! I think the kids and I will nap in the afternoon just to be safe.

Anyway, when we get up Sunday morning we'll have breakfast at the resort, pack up our cooler and head off to......

Disney World's Blizzard Beach Waterpark!!!

Hubby scored 5 tickets for here as well! Whoo hoo!! We will be at the park all day having fun sliding and splashing! We opted to bring our own food and drinks instead of spending a small fortune to purchase things at the park. The kids are very excited, I'm very excited too.

We'll return to the resort Sunday night and then drive back home Monday morning.

Needless to say, I won't be posting much until Monday night or Tuesday. For now, I have to get my butt off of the computer and start getting our clothes and necessities packed so I don't have to do anything last minute. Ta ta for now, we're off to have a much needed weekend of family and fun!



Snippety Gibbet said...

What a great vacation. Have a great time. I'm envious.

Mary said...

Looks like you will have a blast.
I have been browsing around your blog a bit.
Love the page you did in your art journal.


Bee said...

Wow my kids saw me looking at your pic's and said "Can we go there Mummy" a little bit far from Australia me thinks.
x Bee