Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Going to Scream!

I spent hours and hours designing my new site design and getting everything working just to find out today that our hosting service has removed all but one of our sites!!!!! So, I have nothing on my website at the moment and all of the videos I spent hours and hours uploading so my family back in Ohio could watch them are gone now too! I'm a little more than angry at this point! Not to mention that my email has been down all day as well!
My husband is on the case, he's not going to rest until it's all fixed and some refunds are given! I personally think they should have to pay me for the hours it's going to take me to upload everything again! They claim it was due to a server upgrade. UGHHHHHHHHHH!
Sorry, had to vent. If you go to my website ( and don't see anything, now you'll know why. I'll have it back up as soon as these people learn how to do their jobs.


Marsha said...

I would be REALLY ticked off too!! I did try to go to your site earlier today and all it had was your name and then advertisement. Hang in there and give them #$&@! Marsha

Mary said...

Oh crap - so sorry!!! I know you will get it fixed, but what a pain in the arse!!!!!