Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WIP Update

I changed direction a bit on the nesting doll and I'm glad I did. I'm liking this design much better. I don't know why I let these nesting dolls sit as long as I have. Okay, I do know why. I knew they were going to be a lot of work (and they are. I'm already 3.5 hours into this one doll) but I am having so much fun painting her!!! Here is a pic of what she looks like now. This is her base coat and now it's time for some depth, definition and and decoration.

I love this doll! Don't ya just love those days when you feel like you're firing on all cylinders? When everything seems to come together perfectly for you? It's rare but that's been my evening tonight!




Marsha said...

I love days like that . . wish I had more of them! They are so far and few inbetween, LOL! I cannot imagine painting ALL those nesting dolls!!! Looking good! Hugs, Marsha

sassypackrat said...

Can't wait to see it finished. Looks great so far!

Queen Of Toys said...

Love your Blog, just found it by a link of a link of a link and wow what a find.

Thanks for the eyecandy.