Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Arts and Crafts Swap

I actually sent this out on the 3rd of August but I hadn't shared it here yet. One of the few swaps I still have to fulfill on Swap-bot is this one. It's the Arts and Crafts Swap. Each person was supposed to make something they like to make that will fit in an 8X12 envie and mail it to our partner. I have not received mine yet but I sent this out to my partner:

Mixed Media on 5X7 canvas panel. I hope she likes it.
I'm working on finishing the nesting doll and hope to have it finished sometime tomorrow. When it's done I'll share it here. Question.... Most nesting dolls are sold in sets, hence "nesting dolls". Should I paint these as a set and in a similar theme to sell all three together or should I make each one an individual design and sell them seperately? Three dolls nested or one doll?
I know I should sell them as a set but I thought I'd get some feedback just in case.
Hope all is going well for you this week and that you're getting some creating of your own done too!

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