Friday, August 21, 2009

I See Stuffed People!

You may remember a post awhile back of the TON of doll blanks I stitched up. If not, here's a refresher:

At the time I was swapping Dotee Dolls A LOT on and hated the little tube looking doll design so I came up with my own design and sent them out instead. Here's one of the ones I made and actually kept for myself..

I got RAVE reviews every time one was received so I thought I'd offer up some of these blanks for others to use.

I have added about 15 or so to my Etsy Shop, all the ones you see in the first photo above.

All you have to do is decorate and embellish them as you see fit. A little hair, maybe a hat or an apron. Maybe some beadwork, who knows... all up to you.

These are also the doll design we are using to do our first Fabric Art Doll Group swap over at the Ning site. Sign-ups for the September swap are open until September 1st, so come on over and join in the fun. Or, you can swing by later to join as we will be doing a new one each month. I provide the pattern there to download and print so you can stitch one up yourself. If you're not a fan of sewing, you can always grab one of the premade blanks.

So whether it's Dotee Doll Swaps, participation on the Ning site or just to embellish and keep for yourself, these will hit the spot!



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sassypackrat said...

Your Dotee blanks are such a good idea. So many people send out Dotees in swaps that aren't the right size and beginners would really love your blanks as a great starting point.