Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've been challenged..

Marsha over at Sassy Mini Dolls challenged me today. I was instructed to go to the 4th folder in "My Photos" and then post the 4th photo in that folder here and tell a little bit about it.

So, here goes:

This is a picture of the 3rd doll I ever made. I named him Hobokin. He's about 11 inches tall and is sculpted in polymer clay with a soft sculpted body. All of his clothing is handsewn and designed on the fly (no patterns). He stands with the aide of a doll stand and is carrying a little knapsack over his shoulder. This doll is in my own collection as my hubby couldn't stand the thought of parting with him. I couldn't either to tell you the truth!

Now, I have to pass this challenge along....

(I hope you haven't already been challenged) Here's the four I chose:

Barb over at Somethingz to Crow About

Janine over at JustBeans

Jan over at Snippety Gibbet

Julie King over at Julie King Original Art

Ok peeps, I'm off to work on the laundry and to start sketching ideas for a Steampunk doll I'm making my husband for Christmas this year.




Marsha said...

I love Hobokin! He has a "sweet" face :) Hugs, Marsha

Snippety Gibbet said...

Thanks, Moriah. That's an easy and interesting challenge. jan