Monday, October 26, 2009

ADO Holiday Ornament Swap

I signed up to participate in the ADO Holiday Ornie Swap about a month ago. It's being done Secret Santa style in that we don't know who is making an ornament for us until it arrives. We had to make a Naughty or Nice ornament, depending, and mail them out by Dec 1st. We weren't allowed to share pics of them until our partners received them. Well, I now have confirmation from both of my partners that they have received their ornaments that I mailed to them and now I can share them with you..

Here is the "Naughty" ornament I made for Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land...

A little Skelly Ornie sculpted in paperclay over armature and handpainted in acrylics.


Here's the "Nice" ornie I made for Diane Costanza of

Also sculpted in paperclay over armature and painted with acrylics. They were both sooooo much fun to make and I'm so pleased that they both arrived safe and sound and have found a place in their new homes!



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