Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I happened to catch a very inspiring program on PBS this afternoon while eating lunch.

I had forgotten all about the guilty little pleasure that is PBS programing! It seems that every station and every program are so dumbed down and seem slap-stick and childish. Not that I don't enjoy those types of programs on occasion too. I just find that PBS seems to have programs that have some substance. Where you are entertained, educated and inspired all at the same time. I just love that channel!

So, today I decided to tune in as I munched down my lunch and caught a program called "Craft in Amercia".

Below are thumbnails of some of the works these amazing artists/crafts persons feature in the programs.

I was glued to the television and when it concluded I was inspired to create from my heart.

As an artist, I tend to get caught up in what will sell and getting noticed and blah blah blah. While all of that is important - (I do after all, make a living by the art I create) - it's equally important to make things that I'm inspired to make or things that tell a story I'm wanting to tell.

Watching this program reminded me to get back to basics and make whatever I feel I need to make from my heart without consideration of the length of time it will take to finish or it's likelihood to sell.

Go, no run, over to the website for a little inspiration of your own and get to creating the stories you want to tell!



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