Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ornaments, ornaments and more Ornaments

I signed up for a couple ornament swaps in the last handful of weeks. The first was a Halloween Ornament Swap over at Tresa's Blog Reece Dixon. We were to make 6 ornaments with no more than 2 of the same kind. Tresa sent hers out on time and I, well... was a bit late with mine...ugh. I could have just thrown some together quickly and mailed on time but I opted to be late and send ornaments I put effort into instead. So, they're 5 days late, but they're now on their way to Tresa in CA..

Here are the ornaments that Tresa sent to me... I just love the design on the bat wings, don't you?.....Thanks Tresa!!!

I also made a Halloween Ornament for a Swap on ADO (Art Dolls Only) but I can't share that one until my partner receives it as we're doing a Secret Santa Swap for the ornaments there. I also signed on to do a swap for a traditional Christmas ornament as well but I haven't started working on that one yet.
I'll be finishing up the Monster Under the Bed Doll this week and when he's finished I'll share the final pics of him.
Whew.... I love busy, creative days!!

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