Monday, November 30, 2009

A Little Dolly

If you watched the video I posted yesterday, you saw a doll that I started that I used DAS Air Dry Clay to make. Well, I finished it this evening...

I have to tell you, I love DAS Clay! I was a huge fan of Creative Paperclay (still am) but this stuff is my new favorite. It's not as easy to work with as the Creative Paperclay but I love the smooth, rock hard finish of the DAS. I will definately be stocking up on this product!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family and friends. I also hope that you didn't wait until the last minute to get cracking for the Christmas Holiday like I did! I have a billion projects to finish in under 3 weeks! Nothing like a little fire at your feet to make you feel alive! lol.


niknik said...

Кукла чудесная и по цвету, и по исполнению! А "DAS" я тоже очень люблю!

Janine said...

Moriah I love your doll!

I have to ask, I once bought some DAS and it was smelly...does it still smell? If I remember correctly it also had a plasticine quality to it, am I right? I could be mixing this all up with another type of clay.

The Josie Baggley Company said...

Love her! Great richness to the finish.

Snippety Gibbet said...

No!!!!!!!!!No!!!!!!!!! I don't need to fall in love with another bit of art material!!!!!!!!! But I am thrilled to watch what you are doing with it. She looks so antique! jan

Ildiko said...

love your dolls!this one is on my FAV,love its crackled finish!...and i liked a lot what i have seen in your world!happy creations and happy holidays also!