Friday, January 30, 2009



FREE Gypsy Themed Printies for your dollhouse!!!

I'm thinking it's about that time to make another one of my gypsy table settings for the dollhouse, so I decided that I'd put together a little printie set for you to have to make your own gypsy style mini setting.

Here's the link to download the file....... (SORRY THEY'RE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
It's best if you print them with a good printer on glossy photo paper..
Have fun and remember, get them while you can, I will be taking them down in one week!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Received Swaps

Wow! I am really behind with sharing the wonderful swaps I have received lately!! I really do try my best to make things that will make my partners happy. I don't just slap something together, I put time and effort into each and every swap. So, it irritates me when others don't do the same. I recently received an ATC that had 3 poor quality printer prints stuck to some card stock with copper looking foil around them. It was really bad and quite frankly I threw the ATC in the trash as soon as I opened it. I will not name names or give hints about what swap it was for as humiliating people is not my style. However, I will not be sharing pictures of items that I receive as a swap where it is clear that no thought, time, or effort was put into it's making.

Having said that, there are a great many of people whom do put in the time, effort and heart and it's those swaps that I'd like to share with you now.... These are in no certain order but here goes....

Keri Gortz sent me this darling little "Itty Bitty Dotee Doll"... she also included a wee bag of ribbon pieces to aide in the creation of future Itty Bitty Dotee Dolls that I should make. Thanks Keri! I love her!

Wendy McKee sent me this adorable "Easy Care Miniature Terrarium" for the Teeny Weeny Lemon Squeezy Swap and I LOve LOve love it!!!!! It's just perfect!! I have proudly displayed it on my computer desk! She also threw in a handful of peach Jolly Ranchers which are my fav, so huge kuddos for those too! Thanks Wendy!

Gina Callender sent me this charming little gnome ATC for the "Gnome ATC" swap. She drew the gnome and I adore him. She also threw in some fun little gnome facts and some Hello Kitty Stickers which I passed on to my daughters. Thank you Gina!!

Brenda Schuett sent me this wonderful pincushion and LOTS of extra goodies for the "Pincushions with Pizzazz" swap! She really went overboard, but I'm not complaining! ;) Thank you so much for everything, Brenda!

Chelsae Youkers sent these absolutely wonderful ATCs for the ALice in Wonderland Character swap!! Alice and the Queen of Hearts. I LOVE them!!!! Thank you so much Chelsae!

Last but surely not least....

Mary Atchley sent these wonderful frog ATCs for the "Frog ATC" swap! So whimsical and adorable. I love them! She also threw in a little envie of ATC blanks. Thank you so much Mary!

I have to admit, Swapbot has distracted me quite a bit! I seem to spend a lot more time working on swap items than I do on items to put up for sale. I just can't seem to stop myself. I love receiving cute handmade works in the mail from complete strangers! There is just something wonderful about it. I really do need to find a balance though.. I'll work on it.... later :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ring Around the Rosy, Pocket Full of Posies.....

I started a new line here at MLB Studios!

"Pocket Full of Posies"

Each little posie doll is handsewn and embellished. They measure 2.25 inches tall and are little pleasures for your pocket. Here is doll #1 in teal and white...

This little posie is ready to be plucked and put in your pocket! You can find her in my Etsy Store. More tomorrow!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine Dotee Doll Swap

I signed up for a Valentine's Day Dotee Doll swap at at the last minute! I spent the entire day working on her, a little here and a little there. I have never put this much time and effort into a Dotee Doll before but she was worth it and I hope her new owner will love her as much as I do. (UPDATE! HER RESPONSE>>>The bead work on the Dotee was lovely! Truly a work of art. She's proudly displayed in my studio. Thanks so much for the time and care you put into making her.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Itty Bitty Dotee Doll Swap and Brooch

I was able to work on and finish a swap project for I signed up for another Itty Bitty Dotee Doll swap and after reading my partner's profile I made this doll in pink... I hope she likes it! I mailed it out today. (UPDATE: FEEDBACK>>> Oh my gosh Moriah she is so sweet! Thanks so much and thanks for the extra goodies too! Lynnie)

Frilly Girl made a brooch for me using polymer clay and a face mold. She did a great job! She painted it a metallic gold color and I wore it today with pride..

More Tomorrow...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gifts, Supply Gathering and a New Pincusion Design

So, yesterday (Thursday) my wonderful hubby surprised me with a wonderful gift! I awoke from my slumber and crawled out of my wonderfully warm bed to brave the cold air within my home. I noticed something foreign atop my computer desk that had not been there when I had gone to bed the night before!

It was a graphics tablet!!!! I have been begging for one of these for over a year. I had been drooling over the Wacom versions and it was at the top of my wish list. Well, hubby saw this version on sale at CompUSA when he was there the night before and bought it for me. He didn't say a peep about it all evening so that he could surprise me with it in the morning. I picked up my phone and called him at work to tell him THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! and gush about how much I love him when I moved my mouse to make my screen saver disappear and noticed another surprise he had left me....
Adobe PS was open and this is what I saw on my screen..... We have a running joke that he loves me because I'm perfect. We make people ill and I don't care because I have never been happier than I have been with this man! Thanks again honey!

Then after all of this excitement, my sister popped over. We ran out and got a bite to eat and then headed over to Joann's. I CANNOT BE TRUSTED IN THIS STORE NOR CAN I "window shop" THERE!

We had 19 bolts of fabric in the cart before we knew it and headed to the cutting counter before we could add anymore to the stack! That poor woman at the counter! Just before us she had another lady whom had like 25 bolts, then she gets us! We only got fat quarters from the bolts on most, a few were a full yard but man we were in heaven! I got some really awesome felts and cottons that I have all sorts of things in mind to make with them!
My sister spied a pack of clear plastic shoe party favors and thought they would make cute pincushions so we threw those in the cart as well. We came back to the house and started making some. My sister even had my daughters involved and allowed them each to make one of their own. Below are pics of the clear shoes and the shoe I made. I still have to make the pins to go with it but when I'm done I'll list it in my Etsy shop...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Projects

I am working on several things today so I will be adding to this post several times throughout the day/night.

I was playing around with PS last night and was trying to figure out how to cut shapes out of patterned pictures and use those shapes to make a picture of my own. I finally figured it out after about 20 minutes of clicking all of the tool buttons! lol. Anyway, here's what I came up with on my first run with it!

He looks rather angry. The next one I make will be a happier one! lol.
Now I'm working on a wee gnome doll inspired by's gnomes but I changed up the pattern and used a different wooden doll body. He's almost done but not quite there yet. So, I'll post pics and info about him when I'm finished! More to come..


Okay, finally finished the wee little gnome.. I think he's adorable!

Now I'm off to work on an Owl Bookmark for a swap on! Whoo hoo! OH! Speaking of swaps, I received a little package in the mail today from adoptacritter on Swapbot! Inside was a precious purple needlecase, a thimble and a little pack of gorgeous embellishments! Thank you Tiffany!

Please Stay Tuned......

I finished the owl bookmark for the swap I joined over at I used a pattern by the creative folks over at It was supposed to be a sewn fabric bookmark but I made it in paper instead. I have no idea who my partner is yet and I may end up having to make another one if my partner hates blues! Hopefully not though. Here's the bookmark..
I guess this will wrap up today's creativness.

More tomorrow.......

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Swaps, New Studio, New Graphic Art Designs :)

Hello Blogland!

I drew up a little sketch of a lollypop gnome girl and was quite smitten by the results...

But... then I didn't know what to do with the sketch.. So, I decided to scan it and open it in Photoshop. I had never "colored" anything before using PS, I know, I know... you're asking if I live in a cave, right? I just haven't had much experience with graphic art. Anyway, I "colored" the sketch with PS and was pleased with that as well! I made two little ATCs for my daughters and then packed the image away for later use...

I just recently started making ATCs and ACEOs, yes, I know, cave question again! I just didn't try them on until recently but I had heard of and seen them awhile ago. After making the ATCs for the girls, I painted a Jinxie ATC as well.

Then I signed up for another ATC swap on This one was for an Alice in Wonderland Character ATC. I did this one in watercolor metallics..

I read the profile of the person I made the ATC for and saw that she liked sideshow stuff so I also made a sideshow theme collage ATC as a little extra. Then I made an envie for them with MLB Studios on it, of course. I hope she likes them! (UPDATE! HERE'S WHAT SHE SAID>>"I love it! ...and thank you for the other ATC- just my style and the best extra I could think of!")

Speaking of swaps.. I also made a pincushion for another swap I joined. The person I'm sending to collects bird nests so I thought it might be kinda cute to do a bird pincushion and pins for her. I also made a matching ATC to go along with everything! I hope she likes everything too! (UPDATE! HERE'S WHAT SHE SAID>>>"Moriah you are such a sweetie! Thanks oodles you put a lot of thought behind it & that is so sweet! thankyou thankyou thankyou!")

Grief, looking at all of these pictures... I think I must really like the teal, red, white and pink color combo right now! lol

Anyway...yesterday my sister popped over after work because she had gone to an auction at a florist shop that was going out of business. She had a wonderful gift for me and I just can't thank her enough! She brought me TONS of ribbon and a tall metal ribbon organizer to hold them all! Ah, look at all of the pretty colors.... drooling.... okay, getting a grip. But really, I was and am in heaven! Thank you Tina!!! Bless her heart! Anyway, here is the lovely ribbon that she blessed me with!

My studio just keeps transforming... over and over... believe it or not, I just about have it the way I want it! I need a new computer chair in the worst way. Mine is hard to sit on and not very comfy. I also need to make some artsy items for the walls and I have a mobile in mind too. Other than that, I'm really happy with my space now! I was able to bring in my dad's old drafting table yesterday as well. I love my space!

Now I must sign off and get back to work!



Monday, January 5, 2009

Birds, Snails and Gnomes, OH MY!

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's been so long since I have been able to post.

Here is a pincushion for a set I'm making for a swap... It's still unfinished, but it's finished enough to show...

I collected a bunch of little shells at the beach. I decided to make some little snails in polymer clay to go in them. I'm still working on the styles, but here is an unfinished blue one and a finished orange one....

I also went ahead and finished something for a swap I have signed up for. The swap is for a Gnome ATC. I'm still really new to making ATCs but I love gnomes so I thought I'd give it a try. I drew this image in sharpie and then painted it using watercolor paints. I really like how it turned out, now let's hope my swap partner likes it too! :)

I hope your holidays were filled with friends, family and fun and that your New Year is happy, healthy and prosperous!

Until next time......