Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mixed Media Play Date with My Daughter

Yesterday I taught my youngest daughter, Jada, how to make a mixed media painting. Watching her was so much fun! She had absolutely no care in the world as she slopped this and that on her page! If only we all could go back to that age and paint with such carefree spirits! It is my pleasure to show off the art work of Jada Roo Roo Studios!! Introducing my daughter, the artist, Jada Roo Roo.....

(Jada Roo Roo, age 7)

Here is the wonderful mixed media painting she made made yesterday......

and here is the painting I made.......

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Whoo hoo! I won, I won!!

I have signed up for a handful of giveaways on various blogs but never won. Today all of that changed! Maria Wiley hosted a giveaway of 8 Art Cards from several of her works.

(Picture borrowed from Maria Wiley's Blog)

She drew 8 names as winners and I was one of those lucky winners!

I just love her work and the colors in these pieces make me so happy! I'll post a pic of the one I receive after it arrives. Whoo hoo! Happy dance!

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Art Journal

Here are some pictures of the smaller of the two art journals I am creating using manila folders...

I gesso the page before I start on it but you don't have to.

For this journal I cut the manila folders down to 7.75" X 9.5". Then I made signatures that contained four folders. After that I stacked the signatures and marked where I would punch the holes to sew them together in the Coptic method.

I normally make a cover from chipboard or the like but for this, I just made a cover using the first and last pages because I wanted it to be super floppy and flexible. To make the cover slightly sturdier I collaged the entire front cover with patterned scrapbook paper and then I painted my little chickie on the front. Now I have to collage the back cover and I'm ready to start experimenting in it!

I received an email from a bloggy friend stating that she was looking for instructions for an art journal that kids can make. (Waving at Jan) If you'd be interested, I could put together a free video tutorial and post it here. Let me know if that would interest you or not.

Okay, I have to run. I promised my 7 year old that I'd teach her how to make a mixed media painting.

More Later...

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Painting for My Mom

About a month or two ago, my mom asked me to make her some little dolls. I finally finished them earlier this week and intended on shipping them out to her this past Tuesday. However, I decided I wanted to paint for her as well so I held her dolls from shipment while I painted this painting...

I hope she likes it! I told her if she doesn't she has to send it back because I love it! I also made another Art Journal out of manilla folders and did the cover last night. I don't have a photo of that yet, but I'll take one tomorrow. I have been super lazy lately. I work on this or that at my leisure and just do whatever inspires me. It's been wonderful!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Winner Is.....

So, only one person decided to participate in the Pay It Forward I hosted. Apparently these have been floating around for awhile and people don't want to keep doing them which is completely understandable. I didn't take it personally, no worries.

Mystele was kind enough to play along and I have emailed her already about her winnings. I decided to just allow her to choose which "prize" she'd like.

Anywho... I have been so lazy the past few days! I haven't created anything! I did start a new painting but it's not finished yet. I've been spending a crazy amount of time on social networks too. Bad bad, I know. I'm shooting for Tuesday being a creative day again. Tomorrow we're heading to the beach.

Sorry for not posting any pictures this time, nothing to show you today.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonderful Day

Despite the lack of people interested in doing a PIF, I had a wonderful day. I stayed in my PJs and painted my heart out! I love this painting and have decided to keep it for myself and hang it in my bedroom. I may provide prints for purchase in the future though. Here's "I Give You My Heart"

She is mixed media. Acrylics, watercolor, alcohol inks, fabric, lace, charcoal and pens were used to create this piece. She is painted on wood. I still have to paint the sides black, seal in a matte varnish and add a hanger to the back. I'll finish it up tonight and then hang it tomorrow. Art for me! whoo hoo!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I see you! You can't hide!

Okay folks.....

I posted a Pay It Forward and I know you saw it! So, where are your comments? Are you staying silent because you don't think you'd have anything to offer? Yes you do! You don't have to be crafty to join in the fun! You can do anything as a Pay it Forward! You don't have to have 3 winners either, you could have one winner. It doesn't matter. So, as you can see, you have no excuses! Drop me a line, say hello, and you're entered. How easy is that? Go to the original post to leave your comment. Don't make me blog hop and scold everyone! :) a PIF of your own...... Deal?? I knew you wouldn't let me down!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pay It Forward

A blogger friend, Sassy Pack Rat, had a Pay It Forward challenge on her blog about a month ago. I was one of recipients of her personalised stationary and now it's up to me to Pay It Forward.

So I've gotten my act together and and put this little thing together.

It works like this: I announce the challenge and specifics, interested people comment on this post, I announce the winners, and then those people start a challenge on their blog and the Pay it Forward goes on and on!

Important::!! This is not a giveaway or contest where you leave a comment and win something free. For this challenge, you must Pay it Forward if your name is drawn as a winner. No excuses! The important thing here is to spread happiness and joy around, not to "win" free stuff. So, if you don't want to do a Pay it Forward of your own or don't think you'll have the time to do it, please DO NOT comment about this post.

Here's how I'm doing this PIF.

1. My 7 year old daughter will randomly pick 3 people who comment as winners. I'll record the drawing on my new video camera and post the video as my announcement of the winners. So tell your friends and spread the word!

2. Once you win you must post a Pay It Forward on your blog and send me your link so I know you have completed your end of the bargain. Then I'll mail you your winnings.

3. I'll announce the winners on May 24th!

4. I guess you're wondering what exactly it is that you'll be winning...
For this Pay it Forward, the first name drawn will receive an original 8x10 mixed media painting titled "Hufflepuff"! The second name drawn will receive a Jester Tootie Doll. The third name drawn will receive an 8x10 professional print titled "Homecoming".

First Prize Original 8x10 mixed media painting titled "Hufflepuff" on canvas board. (easel not included)

Second Prize, handmade Jester Tootie Doll

Third prize, 8x10 professional print of Original Mixed Media painting titled "Homecoming".

In other news, my husband surprised me with a new camera! I am now armed with a tiny video camera and my children are shaking with fear! Muhawhaw. Seriously though, I'll now be able to show you how I do some different things and share special occasions with family and friends. I'm very excited about it all! I also went and picked up the easel yesterday! It's perfect and exactly what I needed! I really thought I'd want a big beefy floor model easel but I have to tell you, this one rocks! I can collapse the legs and work on any table or desk, I can extend the legs and work from a seated position or extend them further and work standing up. I can fold the whole thing down, put paints and brushes and such in the drawer and carry it with me to the beach and paint there. I love, love, love it! Thank you Shannon for agreeing to hold it for me and coming to my side of town to deliver it! You're a gem!

The camera hubby bought was also a Craig's List find. A $325.00 camera that was used twice for $150.00. The easel, $150 new, my cost $35. I can't recommend Craig's List enough. One of these days I'll have to do a video of all of the things we have purchased or gotten for free on Craig's List!

Anyway, I better get off of here and actually do something with the rest of the day that I have left. Make sure you post a comment so you have a chance to win and go check out the Craig's List for your area!

More Later....


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday Easel Date

I have been keeping my eye out on Craig's List for an easel for a few months now. I've seen a couple come up but they were a bit out of my price range. I had high hopes with a few until pictures were sent and they were display easels instead. Today, however, the most wonderful thing happened! I saw an ad for an "artist easel" but it didn't have a picture included. I emailed the lister and asked for photos. It was in fact an artist easel and not a display easel! It was wood and a floor model like I wanted! It is a travel easel which I like even more! The price is more than perfect at $35.00. The best part is that she is willing to hold it until Saturday for me! Whoo hoo! So this Saturday I have a very important date to pick up a new friend who I will be spending lots of creative hours in the studio with!
Here it is! I'm so excited. Doesn't take much, I know!

I just love Craig's List! I can't tell you how many AWESOME deals I have found on there! The computer wall unit I have in my studio was a Craig's list find and it was FREE!!! The huge half circle conference tables (3 of them) were also FREE! Countless art supplies, bikes, a grill, chairs, all Craig's List finds and dirt cheap or free. Oh, we just bought a 3 times used soft sided water bed with headboard, 2 night stands and 2 lamps for CHEAP too! I search the listings every day. When something pops up that I'm in need of for free or cheap, I jump on it. I think I like the thrill of the bargain more than the actual stuff though! It's almost a high when you get that great deal on something you need. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a shopaholic. I don't get a high from shopping, just when I find what I need in great condition for pennies on the dollar! Who needs drugs when you have that?? Not me! Okay, okay, I can hear my friends and family calling me out as they're reading this. I'm not a shopaholic unless it's art supplies. In that situation, I cannot be trusted and need supervision! I just can't have enough art supplies.
Alright, I've rambled on and on for too long and need to get my butt in the bed! Goodnight all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Prints in the Shop! Yay!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you that I just finished adding five prints to my Etsy Shop! 8x10 Professional Prints of the following original mixed media paintings:

  1. Feathered Friends
  2. Home Coming
  3. Hufflepuff
  4. Natasha
  5. Matilda

They will come to you signed with COA in a rigid mailer.

Yay prints!!

More Later,


OOPS! Helps if you read the descriptions....

So I noticed last night that I was supposed to make 4 polka dot ATCs (2 for 2 partners). Ooops!

So, I made 3 more, they don't really go with the first one, but oh well. 3 little clowns for the Polka Dot ATC Swap...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Youtube Invasion

I'm still driving myself crazy looking for the perfect camera for my needs and my wallet! It's crazy! In the meantime, I put together a slide show of my mixed media paintings and put it on Youtube! Whoo hoo! (Late entry, I know). Anyway, here's the slideshow...


If you want to see it on Youtube, it's HERE.

Sweet Polka Dots

Here's the ATC for the Polka Dot ATC swap on Swap-bot..

I think she's sweet! Mixed Media on watercolor paper.

More Later...


Here is the ATC I finished today for the Queen ATC Swap in one of the groups I belong to on Swap-bot.

Mixed media on watercolor paper. 2.5" X 3.5"

I'm still battling this nasty little sinus issue, but I'm managing to get a few things done each day. I'm really tired of it and am ready for the sinus bug to leave! Ugh!

I hope everyone is having a splendid Mother's Day!

More Later,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crack Me Up!

Today my daughters came home from school with Mother's Day gifts they had made in class. Being just like their mom, they couldn't wait until Sunday to give them to me.

My youngest daughter (age 7) presented hers first and I laughed myself sick!

It was a booklet in the shape of a strawberry and she wrote some stuff inside. It was all very sweet but the part that cracked me up was this..

In case you can't read it in the picture, let me translate it for you..

"On Mother's Day I'll do anything you want me to except smell your feet, mom.. "

DARN IT! I could really use a good toe sniffin' today too! Drats! I just love her humor and whit!

My oldest daughter (age 9) was next up and for her gift she was supposed to write my "real" name and then use words that describe me. I think she was right on target.. I love the tissue paper collage she made too!

She is truly a little artist in the making and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, to come in the studio and do WHATEVER!

Thank you girls! You made my day and I love you both beyond words!

More Later,


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slingin' Clay

Hi ya! I have had my hands in clay today! I just love the feeling of clay. It's been awhile since I scultped anything and I was missing it so I started some heads. I know, I said I'd finish other projects first before starting a new one, but I couldn't help it! Here they are in their rough form. I still have to put on their clay hair and clothing. After that I have to sand and paint them.

I don't know how far I'll get with them today. I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and sinuses that are slowly filling up as the day progresses. I hate being sick! And I can't stand parents who send their sick kids to school so everyone else can get sick too!
We are considering pulling our kids from public school and homeschooling them. I have been reading and reading about it and have reached out to a few wonderful people who have been homeschooling their children for years. We are going to give it a trial run over the summer break to see if it's right for our family. If so, then they just won't go back to public school in the fall. One up side of it will be no germies getting passed around on a REGULAR basis! There are a ton of "up sides" and a handful of "down sides" but I think it could be fun and bring us closer together as a family as well. They will still have the kids in the neighborhood to play with and we'll be enrolling them in some children's activities at the local rec center. I really do hope it's a good fit!

Anyway, I think I'm going to go hunt down some cold medicine and lay down for a bit. Ugh, I hate the creeping crud!
More later...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So many projects so little time!

Hello All!

I have projects that I need to finish up and a ton that I want to start! I am also excited to announce that the Hubby and I are desperately searching for a deal on a 8 mp+ HD Video camera because............ I will be making HOW TO videos!!! Whoo hoo! I probably will not film myself, but will film what I'm doing and speak. I have classes on the list of to dos, DVDs, and eventually, local workshops too! Classes will be on mixed media painting, sculpting with paper clay, sculpting with polymer clay, art dolls, fabric dolls, dollhouse miniatures in several different themes and whatever else I think of! I am asked by so many people how I do this or that and I thought it would be fun to do videos that teach how I do things.

So, whenever we find that killer deal on a camera, I'll be starting that.

I'm placing a tester order with a printing company to see what they have, to touch it, feel it, compare between finshes. Once I decide what will work best for prints of my works, I'll be ordering and adding prints to my shop.

Right now I'm playing with soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolor and acrylics. My hands are MESSY! Which is exactly how I like it!

So, keep checking back, lots of stuff in the works. Oh... and I'm going to be starting slinging clay too! Whoo hoo! So much to do so little time! First I have to finish an order and a request and a gift painting before I allow myself to move on to any other projects. Once those are done, I'll start on the rest. I'll also be offering a few short tutorials in picture form here now and again. If there is anything you're interested in learning, that I know how to do, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Ok, off to clean up my mess, more later..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Singing Praises!

When I woke up this morning, my husband and son were gone. I asked my oldest daughter where they went and she reported that they had gone to the auction. I was a little bummed that I didn't get a wake up call because I do love going to the auction! However, I was also thankful that I didn't go so I could sleep in another hour and not sweat to death at the auction.

I went about my morning making stamps, as stated in the previous post and taught my daughters how to make their own stamps too. My phone rang at 1 pm and it was my hubby reporting that they were done at the auction and headed to the grocery store. (I hate grocery shopping so how wonderfully lucky am I to have a hubby that works all week and then goes grocery shopping on Saturday? Extremely!!) Anyway, he informed me that he and our son had a surprise for me when they got home. I was told it was going to be the best Mother's Day I've ever had and that I needed to clear off my desk so they could "set up" when they got here.

Yes, I know Mother's Day is a week away but my hubby knows me and I cannot wait for things, so he indulges me and always gives me things early.

So, I cleared my desk and went off about my business. I was in the bedroom when they got home so I just stayed in there to allow them to "set up". A few minutes later my son bagged on the bedroom door and told me to come into my studio.

I rounded the corner and my eyes fell upon a STACK of art supplies that I have been begging for in the past few months! And I mean begging....

I have been drooling over the Derwent watercolor pencils for months! But we just didn't have $60 for pencils, ya know? So, I put them on my wish list. Every time I went to the store, I'd walk by them, pick them up, put them back. Then today, this wonderful day, my son spotted two lots of art supplies at the auction and alerted my husband. They stayed at the auction for 4 hours, just waiting for them to get to these two lots. They waited, they bid, they won! Whoo hoo!

They were all excited (I was too) and wanted to figure out what the retail cost would have been. We added everything up using Dick Blick's site as a guide and found that they had purchased $602.00 worth of stuff! Hubby's cost? $80.00. I LOVE AUCTIONS!!!!!!

All of it is new, still in orginal plastic. There are 3 (32 pcs) sets of Derwent Watercolor Pencils, 2 (32 pcs) sets of Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils, 7 (24 pcs) sets of Prismacolor colored pencils, 3 (24 pcs) sets of Prismacolor soft pastels and a pack of Koh-I-Noor pens... excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin!

The hubby was right, BEST MOTHER'S DAY EVER!

Me and the girls are into art in a big way! The hubby and our son, not so much. They look at what I make and say they like it, they politely pretend to listen as I go on and on and on about whatever I'm excited about this week. I see their eyes glaze over and I see them slowly inching their way out of the door. BUT, today just proves that while they may not love art, they certainly love me! And that is what is important!

Thanks to both of you! It was a great gift and a wonderful thought! You're the best!

More Later...(off to play with my new toys and kiss my boys!)



Hello everyone! I hope your Saturday has been as lovely as mine!
I have been making stamps! Lots of stamps!
I have a drawer of stamps that I used to use for scrapbooking (before I gave it up out of total boredom) but they all are of figures or items. I wanted some textural stamps or whimsical design stamps to use when making the layers in my backgrounds. So, I hopped in the car and took a trip over to Joann Fabrics. I headed straight to the stamp section and after about 3 seconds I realized that there was no way I was going to spend the 150 or so dollars it was going to cost me for the hand full of stamps I wanted! NO WAY! ARE THEY CRAZY?? If they had been hand carved, maybe, MAYBE... but machine made and slapped on a piece of wood? I don't think so!
So, I went home, depressed. After sitting in my chair and pouting for a few minutes, Irealized I was gazing at an eraser on my desk and that started a mad frenzy of tossing stuff all over the house in search of more erasers. I found 7! Whoo hoo! I started carving up some stamps and I was happy... until...

I didn't like being confined to small stamps but didn't want the expense of buying the stamp carving sheets either. So, I went to the dollar store in hopes that they still had that craft foam I saw last time I was there and they did indeed!
It's rather thin foam, I would have preferred thicker but it'll work! So I drew some shapes onto it, cut them out with my craft knife and prepared them for mounting. I took 2 sheets of foam and used contact cement to glue them together. When that dried, I glued my cutout onto the foam sheet and then trimmed off the edges. Now I have a slew of stamps and for what I made today it cost me about 7 cents! Now that's more like it!

More Later>>


Friday, May 1, 2009

Finished Art Journal Page

Please excuse the watermark... there are some wonderful people in China stealing people's art work in their blog posts and using it for their own monetary gain so now I have to make them work harder to use my stuff. Nothing you put online is safe... nothing! You can "no right click" you can watermark, you can take sideways pictures, etc etc. They can still use them. However, I will try to make them work for it!
Anyway, here's the finished painting I started yesterday in my art journal. Thanks to a helpful reader, I will be offering prints of my paintings very soon! Thank you Sassy Pack Rat!

And here's a close up of the crackle effect on the mirror frame...

I also got a really cool book from the library! If you haven't read it yet and you enjoy mixed media, I highly recommend it!

Taking Flight by: Kelly Rae Roberts

(Pictures borrowed from the author's website)
More Later,