Sunday, January 3, 2010

Painting and Freezing

I know I'm going to get blasted by the Northerners for saying this but... I'M FREEZING MY TAIL OFF HERE IN FLORIDA! Our high today was a big whoppin' 45 degrees and right now it's 32 degrees. I'm in southern Florida for crying out loud! My hubby is positively giddy. He LOVES the cold. Me...not so much. I'm in sweats from head to toe, thick socks and slippers and a Snuggie over all of that. What's the hubby wearing? A T-shirt and pair of shorts! Brrrrrrrrr.
He felt sorry for me and turned on the heat today, THANK GOD! I try to let him have his cool temps because he's miserable 9 months out of the year in the Florida heat but man, I couldn't take it anymore and had to have heat. We keep it low, to save cash but 67 degrees inside is better than 50! I know, I know. You northern dwellers are laughing at me right now and saying how I should be thankful because you all have temps below zero. I am thankful we're not AS COLD, but I'm still freezing! AND...for the record...I lived up north all of my life with the exception of the last 3 years. I came to Florida thinking I'd be done with this frigid stuff! I think my mom brought the cold with her when she came for Christmas and forgot to take it back with her when she left. Errrrr. okay, enough whining....moving on..
Since I was cold and miserable today, I decided to do some painting. These are both on wood and are about 8 inches square.

It felt good to do a little painting again.
The kiddies are back to school tomorrow!! It's been a great Christmas/New Years break, but I'm ready to have silence in the house again. Even well behaved kiddies are a distraction when your studio is in your home and in the center of it to boot! It'll be nice to be able to focus again.
Okay, I'm off to crawl under the heated blanket and shake off the chills. Stay warm everyone!


Valerianas Studio said...

Hello Moriah,

thank you for reading my blog!

I am sorry you had to close down your Ning site, I had just started to accommodate there! But I hope things will turn out better for you in the future.

Here in Northern Germany it is very cold, too, 31.1 °F. And I spoke with someone from Finland, they have -4.0 °F!

Wishing you a happy day!


Ildiko said...

awesome painting job!!!i simply adore the background patterns.did you used a home made stamp pattern for that?love the texture and color combinations...