Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Late night painting.....

I have, probably, 10 or so of these little canvases sitting in my studio that I picked up at Michaels in the kids crafts section for a buck or two each.....

Each one of these has a little design on them for kids to paint like coloring in a coloring book.
I just gesso over the design and use them as I wish.

Well..... today I watched a video on Youtube by Sarah Brighton of gypsysoulcreations and was inspired to make a bird of my own. I have been making little whimsical birds for quite awhile now, but wanted to do one inspired by her bird doodles. Check out her video below:

And here is what I came up with:

I gessoed the canvas and then added a strip of vintage sheet music. then I penciled in the drawing of the bird. I added watercolor to the sheet music and background and then painted the bird itself in acrylics. For a final little bit of decoration, I added some shiny bits to the bird's plumes.

I had fun with this. It was nice to just play around with a doodle and not take it so seriously.




Bea said...

What a wonderful video, thanks for sharing that. I watched some of her others and had no idea about that disease.
I love the bird and it's something that would be fun to do with children too. I can see these done in fabric too, you know? :)Bea

sassypackrat said...

I like your bird. Very cool mixed media piece!

Lynn said...

Fabulous bird!

Sue said...

Love the video and love your whimisical bird!



Sarah Brighton said...

Gosh - thanks so much for putting my video on your Blog! I absolutely love your painting & it's inspired me to get out my canvas & acrylics today! Thanks so much again & have a wonderful day!