Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Jax

Jax is a very loving little girl. She wears all of her emotions on her sleeve. She spends most of her time walking in the woods, finding creatures big and small to play with. She prefers animals over humans any day. Humans can be mean sometimes but the animals are always loving.

Jax is sculpted in air dry clay over an armature. She is 6.5 inches tall. Her details were added in acrylics, paper and pastels. her eyes are acrylic and she stands. jax is sculpted without the use of any molds and is a true one of a kind original. She is signed and dated. You can find her in THE ETSY SHOP. OOPS...SHE SOLD!!!

Those of you who tuned in for Open Studio last night saw the beginning process of making her. I will be adding a fast motion video of her making later today. I will also be offering a workshop on how to make her, step by step, in real time. More info on that later.



Bea said...

Aw she is adorable. I really, really meant to stay up and tune in but I fell asleep in my comfy chair at about 9:00pm. Too much gardening I'm afraid. ")Bea

paula said...

yesterday i forgot to watch you ,stupid me...... i am glad that you will put up a fast video of it , thanks *****
your dolls are so nice to see

greetings from holland Paula

Pattee said...

Moriah she is beautiful!
I love her eyes...

Thank you for joining my ning Odd-Dolls!

Abi said...

Jax is lovely - I really love this style :O)
Hope you have a lovely weekend x