Saturday, May 29, 2010

No More Excuses...

Today is the start of a change here at the Betterly Compound. We took the first step in taking back the control of our bodies! Whoo hoo! (Well, we've always had control of them, we've just done a really crappy job! lol)

We do a lot of things as a family; we think it's important. We go swimming, play board games, go to the movies, visit a park or two, spend a day at the beach, etc. We recently bought new bikes so we could all bike together when it isn't 9000 degrees outside.

Having said all of that, we're still pretty inactive. I work from home so I get very little exercise unless I deliberately "go" exercise. My husband works outside of our home but he has a sit down job so... you know how that goes. He also had a back injury that he's just now starting to somewhat heal from so that has hindered him as well.

The kids, on the other hand, get lots of exercise. They are always running in and out of the house. On their bikes, scooters or just playing tag football out back.

A few years ago we rented a home with an inground pool. At first I thought that was awesome! Frankly, I very rarely ever swam in it and the upkeep and constant maintenance was not to my liking. The kids LOVED IT though, sigh. So, when our lease was up and we were looking for a new home, we deliberately looked at homes that did not have a pool. We didn't want the upkeep and expense.

We found a home with no pool and a huge fenced in yard! We were thrilled.......until........ summer came and we were in constant search of a place to swim. Sigh.... and yes, I do live near LOTS of water and beaches that are free to swim in. However, salt water in the mouth is no fun and neither is getting pinched by crabs or walking on rocky bottoms. It's also not very refreshing to get into 89 degree water on a hot day. It's like taking a warm bath versus the cool refreshing feeling you're looking for when it's 9000 degrees outside. We prefer to swim in a pool. we wish we had the pool again, lol. Never satisfied.

So this year we looked into a pool membership at our local Recreation Center. I almost passed out when I heard the price! Our local rec pool has very restricted "Open Swim" hours first of all. Secondly, most of the pool is sectioned off into lanes and the kids cannot be in those lanes at any time. So, the section of the pool they are allowed to swim in is very small. For the privilege of using that tiny section of the pool within about a 4 hour time frame on any given day, they want $30.00 per person per month!!!!!! There are 5 of us so $150/mo. for that is ridiculous to me! I didn't even want to ask what the cost would be to add on access to the workout facility. No way I was paying that! So, the research began...

The best deal I could find that would give all 5 of us access to pool and workout facility was at the YMCA. There are 2 pools and the hours are 10am until 8 pm!!! The workout facility has all of the machines and offers FREE classes, no extra fees to do yoga, pilates, aerobics, etc! Whoo hoo! The only extra cost is if I want to use a personal trainer. There's also a skate park and basketball court there. If we want to go to another YMCA in the county that has a feature that our Y doesn't, we can go to those as well. We get all of this for $73/mo for the whole family! SOLD!

So, no more excuses, no more whining, this Betterly is going to whip her butt back into shape or die trying! AND.... the kids get to swim until they're hearts are content. Win - win.

Hopefully you'll be "seeing" much LESS of ME real soon.

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A.
It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-AAAAAAA.
Sing it with me now.... Y-M-C-A....

Back to work...



Mr.Macabre said...

Good for you! I looked at some pictures of myself from a few years ago last night and wondered what happened. Going to start life changes NOW!

Best of luck!

Daydream Retreat said...

Best of luck to you! Makes me want to go for a swim myself :)

Bea said...

When we lived in town while the kids were growing up we "lived" at the local YMCA. They all swam there on swim team. I taught exercise classes there. I love the YMCA. Good for you! :)Bea