Saturday, May 15, 2010

On A Hunt For a Trickster....

My husband left to go to a client's restaurant and decided to take our daughters with him.  I was busy getting things ready to start sculpting and straightening up the living room and didn't see which one of these darling GREMLINS snuck into my studio to put a rubber bug on my keyboard!

So, they leave, I get my son and we head out to Taco Bell to grab a quick bite for lunch.  We come home, I pour myself a Coke and sit down at my computer to check my email before I start working.  I have one of those pull out keyboard drawers/trays/whatever.  I pull out the keyboard, see the bug, jump out of my chair while screaming like a little girl.  My son comes running thinking I surely had been shot, he sees the bug and jumps back about 3 feet with wide eyes. 

I took a second glance, realised it hadn't moved at all and then came in for closer inspection.  RUBBER!  A RUBBER BUG!!!

Oh those little Gremlins are going to have some answering to do when they get home!!!!!!  :O)  Turkeys!

Now that my heart rate has returned to normal, I'm going to continue work on my tiny BJD......



Flora said...

AHAHAHA!!!! I HATE BUGs and in Texas they grow big!!!! I run the opposite direction when I see one , so I can sympathize, empathize and whatever else..!!!
Your gremlins need to be taught a lesson....real soon!!!LOL!!!

Ascension said...

Jejejeje, que susto!!!!
Yo hubiese salido corriendo!!!!!
besitos ascension

Vilt og vakkert said...

I landed her on my inspiring journey. Think I stay for a while ;:OD)
Have a nice week!

Sue said...

Oh yuck - I would have freaked to see that on my keyboard. Glad it is only rubber!