Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Student Work Makes my Day!

As you already know, I recently launched a Folk Art Doll workshop. One of the AWESOME folks that signed up is Trish of Today she sent me a picture of the doll she made in my class and I think she did a fabulous job! She has two more dolls going at the moment and i just love it when someone is inspired by something I do! Without further ado, here's Trish's fab doll!

What will your doll look like?  Join in on the workshop and find out!


janil said...

It's lovely!!!!!!

Bea said...

Oh, she's just darling. :)Bea

sassypackrat said...

That's adorable! I want to take your class, I'll have to save for it though.

Sue said...

She is so cute, and how validating to you to see how your students well your students are doing!



Jonty said...

Awesome stuff. You know everyone is capable of doing great art. Sometimes it takes a great teacher to get some people to realise it. This shows what a GREAT teacher you really are. Well done both of you.