Friday, June 25, 2010

Absolutely Disgusted!!

This evening we piled into the living room and gathered around our tv as a family to watch a movie, well, a documentary titled, "The Cove". I didn't know what it was about, all I knew was it was something my husband had heard about and thought we should all watch it together.

I was horrfied and sickened and in total disbelief. I strongly urge all of you to watch this film and to go to the website to sign the petition and see other ways you can help make a difference. Here's a video clip about it:

And... here's the website:

Please do the planet and the dolphins a favor and get involved!


1 comment:

Pattee said...

I know this is so so so so so so so sad.... I just couldn't watch it...

I have signed the petition but it was too horrific for me to watch...