Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dollhouse Fun

Turns out my daughters wanted the dollhouse my neighbor brought over. Pout. BUT.. I was surfing Craig's List and found a great deal on a smaller dollhouse and snatched it up. The dollhouse has just 2 rooms but came with a ton of dollhouse furniture too and all for $20. The house has really good bones and is basically a blank canvas for me to make it however I want it. I think I'm actually happier that the girls decided they wanted the first one because this one is much better suited for what I need it for.

I put together a little video of when I first got it and then more of where I'm at with transforming it now.

What are you working on?


sassypackrat said...

Oh how fun! You got some great furniture too. I can see how this house suits your needs better than the other one. You really got rolling quick on it too! Can't wait to see more!

Abi said...

Oh wow. I love dolls houses. Looking forward to seeing more too!

I'm working on fundraising... ooh, it's terribly hard work!!!

Have a great week Moriah