Friday, June 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have made it back, safe and sound, from our trip. We didn't get very much sleep the entire time and I'm really tired but we did enjoy visiting with family. I don't think we'll be making that trip again though. I don't think I could stand that drive EVER again. I'll have a bunch to share later... but for now, I'm exhausted and in much need of some rest in my own bed. More soon...




Marie S said...

Welcome back!!
Love and hugs.

sassypackrat said...

Happy you are home safe and sound!

Pattee said...

Yes get some sleep so you can download all those wonderful photos you took : )

Pattee said...

Hey Moriah maybe you could tell me how you can put workshops and tutorials on your blog~of course after you sleep!

Also I just signed up for your doll workshop!!!! YAY!
: ) Pattee

Bea said...

Welcome back! :)Bea

Jonty said...

Glad your back safely. Lol long trips are always tiring but just think of the fun & family you'd have missed had you not gone. Go sleep hun lol.

Pattee said...

I am loving the folk art doll class so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs ~Pattee

she dreams big! said...

Hi Moriah! So, where did you go? What did you do? Who did you see? What did you eat?

Thanks for visiting and leaving good wishes on our little Lainey. Her and I are going to have such fun!

Sleep tight!


Pattee said...

Hi Moriah~ I don't know if you know this but on your tutorial about the snowman there isn't a feet and hanger method shown or I'm asleep and missing it : )

Pattee said...

It doesn't matter to me but for others. I just love the way you teach! So layed back and easy...If you don't mind I want to mention your class on my ning?

Thinking thinking... of course you wouldn't mind my mention : )

I think you do such a great job!
Hugs ~Pattee