Saturday, October 16, 2010

Go Large!

I'm working on a new project that's a little outside of my norm.  Most people who follow my work know me for tiny dolls and tiny things for dolls.  Those who know my folk art side know me for cute and sweet.  However, there's a whole other side to me.  The steampunk, grunge, funky side that I rarely get to play with.  Why not you ask?  Well.... I don't know.  Why do I stay away from a part of my creativity that brings me a lot of joy?  I may not have an answer to that but I do have a solution!  I decided to play and make something MUCH bigger than I usually do.  A steampunk character in fact.

Most dolls I make can fit in my hand.  This doll's head is the only thing that will fit in my hand this time!

This is where I am with him now.  Just needs a little hair and then I'm going to start building his armature.  I'm not sure yet, but this just may end up being the Steampunk doll that I promised my husband last December!  We'll see how it goes before I decide for sure. 

I know I'm really bad at showing WIPs and then never posting a finished piece but I promise to take you along for this journey.  It's so nice to be able to create without deadlines... where you can just take your time and really think through the whole process.  More to come....



Healing Woman said...

I love your work. I was wondering if you would tell me where you purchase those wonderful eyes that you use. I have been hand sculpting the eyes but cannot get the the expressions I'm looking for.

I'll be anxious to see how this very large doll of yours turns out. I don't remember you doing many men either do you?

Thanks so much.


Jonty said...

I am loving this guy already, such an expression alreadyon him lol. More, more, more lol.

sassypackrat said...

Oh his face is wonderful! Can't wait to see the process.

Marijke said...

Nice beginning! |love the mustage,very beautiful!
Personnaly I'm always having probs to get the ears quit the same,that's so hard to do!
But this is looking very good!


Tracey@glitterbugstudios said...

He is looking really cool!

Christianne Teixeira said...

Moriah, I like him!!! I am curious now to see him "alive" xoxo