Friday, November 12, 2010

Bodiless Heads and Eyeballs.. Some cute stuff too

HELLO!  My goodness it seems like its been forever since I blogged last.  I've been really busy with life and making of things so I have a good excuse. :)

I do have a bunch of pictures to show you though so I hope that will make up for my absence.

Let's start with some things I've been working on.  I've actually worked on more than I'm sharing today but some people haven't received their goodies yet so I have to hold back on sharing those items for a bit longer.

Okay, okay...

So, the first thing I made and finished are a TON of doll eyes!  Making eyes is so fun and very addicting!  No more buying doll eyes for me!  I want to use another method for making them but I have to buy a piece of equipment first but this method worked out great as well.

After making a bunch of eyes, I started sculpting two new dolls.  One in paperclay and one in polymer clay.  I must say, I forgot how much I like to use polymer clay for sculpting heads!  I've been working with paperclay for so long now that it was nice to use polymer again!  Both of these doll heads have eyes I made in them.  I have an idea where I'm going with these heads but I'm not going to commit to anything just yet.

I also have these three cuties in progress...  Just need their hair and hangers.

They're about 3 inches tall and sculpted in paperclay.  I made one of these for my friend Marina, one for a swap and now I have these 3 left.  I'll be keeping one of them for myself.

I'm also working on this little doll ornament for another swap.  She will be a Mrs. Claus type of doll when I'm finished with her.

and finally.... I sculpted 10 more Dunderheads for local sales.  These have been painted and are waiting for stain and hangers...

Whew!  Okay so that is everything (almost) that I have going at the moment work wise.

Now I want to share with you some things I have received as of late from swap partners and friends.

My dear friend, Marina and I have been putting little things aside for one another for awhile now.  A few fabric pieces here, some trims there, it's been a lot of fun seeing what the other has put together for us.  Recently, as you know from the previous post, Marina came to my home and I let her go wild with a pair of scissors and take whatever fabric and trims she wanted.  Well, this past weekend Marina and I met at the Art Harvest in Dunedin and she brought me a bag of goodies!  Lots of fabric scraps and some awesome trims.  I love the stripes! 

She also slipped me a cute little ATC that I feel in love with...

So cute!  Thanks Marina!

I also received a fabulous package in the mail the other day!  I had signed up for Marsha's Ornament Swap and was paired with the talented Nikki RoweNikki makes fabulous witch and wizard themed dollhouse miniatures and she put together this fabulous stocking and ornament just for me! 

The stocking is loaded with all sorts of goodies.  Little candies wrapped in foil, polymer clay candy canes and gingerbread men.  Little acorns and foliage.  I just love it!  The owl ornament sent me over the moon!  How she knew I love owls I don't know but THANK YOU!!!!  I love love love the ornament and the stocking!

And finally.... two swap packages from members of

First, Owl Dotee Swap... I received a cute little owl and a fabulous crocheted owl coffee sleeve!  I LOVE IT!

For the Cupcake Dotee swap I received this little cutie:

 I love the little frosting swirl!

Okay so now I'm getting off of this computer and getting my hands dirty in something... Tomorrow I'm off to the Dollhouse Miniature Show in Largo with Marina, her mother who is visiting from Italy and my daughters.  Sunday I'll be at the Christmas Under the Oaks Art and Craft fair in Clearwater.  Busy, busy..... 

More Later,


Thimbleprims Studio said...

OMG!! You are so incredibly talented! I LOVE the little dolls in the black dresses with the striped legs. They are absolutely wonderful.
Have a great weekend and keep these astonishing creations coming.
Lots of love,

Sarah said...

Wow you have been so busy! Thanks for adding me as a friend on ADO the other day-I clicked yes but forgot to leave a message! I love you eyes. How are they made? Or maybe you have already told us and I missed it. They look good. Has the christmas swap been organised? I have a little doll made but have no idea and thought I may have missed it though I am sure I signed up!

sassypackrat said...

Goodness you are a busy bee! I always get so inspired by you when you share your fabulous wips.

Heather said...

You are definatly keeping busy. But it is always a good busy when you are doing something you love.

Sue said...

Your post was so much fun to read and I loved seeing all the goodies you received, and your WIPs! Your eyes intrigue me. I have 90% of the time painted my eyes, the odd time used purchased, but have a yen to make my own. Maybe this weekend I will start experimenting. Your's look great!

Have a wonderful weekend!

BT said...

How can you do so much?? lol. I love the little black dolls too and didn't you get some wonderful fabric from your friend? Such fun and that Dotee cupcake doll is so cute! How is the 'swirl' made?

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Just catching up on blogs today!
Glad the stocking arrived safe and sound and glad you like it too.
Love the eyes you are making too. My friend spent days making just eyes for 1:12 dolls and know the amount of work that goes into doing so.
I really didnt know you loved owls. I was going through my decorations i give as gifts and the owl just spke to me. There were angels, trees, fairies too but owl it was, lol.
Nikki xxx

Bea said...

OK, I'm catching up with my blog reading and my goodness you've been busy. I love what you have created so far. And, what a great bunch of gifts you got!
Those three little girls in black look like little Zetti girls, in their striped stockings, just waiting to get into trouble. :)Bea