Thursday, November 25, 2010

My New Toy

I have a HATE/HATE relationship with my sewing machine.  Because of this hatrid, the costuming process is the most dreaded part of the dollmaking process for me.  I hate having to use that thing.  The thread decides to just pop out of the needle when you start to sew.  It doesn't matter what tension it's set to.  Then when you can finally get it started it likes to jam up and laugh at you.  So, a 2 minute project turns into lots of cursing, lots of frustration and about 2 hours of my limited time.  Sigh...

I admit, I'm not a professional seamstress but come on!  I should at least be able to use a straight stitch and sew a straight line without wanting to throw my sewing machine on the floor and stomp on it!

So.... my husband surprised me with a brand spanking new machine yesterday and OMG, I think I'm in love.  Now you pro sewers out there with your fancy machines may look at mine and giggle about my excitement BUT, I am THRILLED with it!  I went from straight stitch and zigzag as my only options to 80 stitches and monograming too.  Holy cow! 

I had to read the manual just to know how to use it.  That should tell you just how very basic my other machine is.  I played on it for about an hour last night, Ewing and Ahing with each new stitch, it's the little things people!  :)  Anyway... I can honestly say that I'm now looking forward to the costuming process now that I don't have to scream and yell and threaten my machine with acts of violence.  :)

Here she is, my new best friend...


Sassy Marsha said...

Cool! I have a Brother too. Mine has dials but it's basically like yours!

LOL, my hubby had to show me how to thread mine, ha ha ha

Happy Thanksgiving!


sassypackrat said...

Oh she's lovely! I hate my machine and have the same problems you did. Sewing clothes for my dolls has become an experience that I dread! That's why I have so any unfinished naked ones wandering about my studio.

I'm pretty jealous of you and your new machine but at the same time happy that you don't have to continue to struggle!

Perhaps I can ask the Gnomes for a sewing machine for my birthday...hmmm.

Sherry Edwards said...

Wow - what a husband and what a machine!!! I'm feeling your happiness - have fun with it xx

Tamara Dozier said...

Lucky you! I'm wanting a new sewing machine .... sadly I don't even own an old one but I'm hopeful that Santa will put one under my tree.

Looking forward to seeing all new new and wonderful things you create with your new best friend!

paula said...

wowie , she is beautifull i wish she was mine ..
what a darling hubby you must have ,hi i wish he was mine.. (lol)

greetings from a cold holland Paula

just me said...

yay congrats!! i have a similiar brother and love it also, my last brother cost me 100 bucks and worked it hard for 20 yrs!! now your husband wasnt on craiglist craft forum asking advice on what machine to buy you was he?:)

Bea said...

What a wonderful gift. You will have such a wonderful time sewing on your new machine. But, to tell you the truth, even with my very fancy machines to avoid problems when I start to sew I always keep little squares about 2x2 next to the machine and I start sewing on them and then continue on to my working piece. This seems to avoid most problems with thread at the get go. Even the machines that do your laundry can have a bad start to their sewing day. :)Bea