Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Let me start by saying that I know I'm about to get blasted for writing this blog post by all of you northerners out there.  :)  Having said that, just hear me out first.

IT'S FREAKING COLD!  It's 62 degrees during the day and 43 over night.  Now, like I said, this is where all of the northerners are getting out the pitch forks and lanterns to come after me.  Before you come, think about this for a minute.  You're up north and it's butt cold, right?  Like 20 degrees or something crazy, right?  And you have snow and ice outside, right?  Well, what is your temperature INSIDE your house right now?  70 degrees?  65 Degrees?  My temperature INSIDE my house right now is  62 degrees and overnight that will drop to in the 40s!!!!!!!  INSIDE!  So before you yell at me, keep that in mind... and also remember that I am used to temps in the 80s as being perfect :)

We don't turn on the heat here unless it gets close to freezing outside which only happens for maybe a week in Jan or Feb.  For the rest of the time, we sleep under heated blankets and keep the windows closed, wear layers and such.  Most of the time it's tolerable during the day but the night can be a different story. 

Okay, enough belly aching over the temperature! 

Here's what I really want to share with you....  I had been eyeballing these organizers at Northern Tool for months.  I don't remember what they're called exactly but I do know that they are desktop/tabletop  organizers.  Flipping through the paper last week we saw that Northern Tool was offering these at half price as doorbusters on Black Friday and I made a point to go and pick 2 of them up.  They are fabulous!  I did buy a pack of blue bins to add to them though.  Now just about everything I use for making dolls that isn't fabric related is at my fingertips.  I absolutely love these bins!  I even started labeling them.. Good grief!

So, instead of going out and freezing my hiney off, I'm going to stay inside in my fleece PJ pants, fuzzy socks and hoodie and finish putting everything into these bins. 

Stay warm everyone!


sassypackrat said...

Great organizing tool! It's 25 degrees here today and I wish it was 62 but I know Southern blood is thin so I won't give you any crap about the temperature! Stay warm! ;0)

DellaRae said...

I'm cold, too. I was justout in my garage and it is freezing. I can't believe it is supposed to be 39 in the morning.

Heather said...

What!!!! Anyway it was 45 degrees today raining blustery yuk outside. When I walked from the parking garage to my place of employment It was blowing so hard I felt violated. My umbrella almost took me up in air like Mary Poppins. Now that is cold North winter stuff. Yuk.

Those organizers are really cool.