Monday, December 27, 2010

Jonestown.... the Morning After

These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve.....

THEN.... Christmas happend!

This is a shot after the madness of ripping paper and tossing bows.  No gift was safe!

The scary part is this shot was taken after the majority of the "stuff" had been removed and carried off to bedrooms! 

My wonderful husband got up early the day after Christmas and cleaned it all up, including the kitchen!  BEST gift ever!  I was not looking forward to cleaning THAT up!  Thanks sweetheart!

Now it's all cleaned up again and the kids are content playing with their stuff.  Tomorrow is my husband's birthday but after that, I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal.  I'll be taking down the tree and decorations this weekend.  After that I have a garage purge planned. 

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and I also hope that my house wasn't the only one that looked like a bomb went off in it that day! :)



sassypackrat said...

Oh I remember the days when my living room looked like that! Since I only had the Girl this year everything was calm and clean until my nephews arrived then paper was everywhere! The Girl helped me clean so it's all good now. You always know it's a successful Christmas by the amount of mess made so it looks like your kids had a great one!

Sue said...

No fears Moriah! Your house was definitely not the only one! What a great hubby you have....mine likes to make a mess, but not so good at cleaning up LOL


Diane Costanza said...

It is the only time of year that I don't mind such a mess. After my huge family left Saturday night (16 people for a sit-down dinner), it took me the next two days to clean up the mess! I just turned on my last dishwasher load an hour ago!


Heather said...

That is soooo funny!!! Isn't that how it always happens. Good idea to capture that! Made me laugh!

The Hermits' Garden said...

I would have given anything for my house to look that on Christmas day, but my kids & grandkids live all over the country and overseas, so it was just the hubs and I this year for three VERY quiet days.

I enjoyed your mess vicariously. :~D


Deborah said...

Moriah, I agree that the level of messiness indicates that a great time was had by all. Where in Florida are you? I am in West Palm Beach/Boca Raton area. I was reading a post lower down where you said your husband had some GPS units for sale. Are they still available? I have to sweet talk my SO into it but I really would love one and yes I am always getting lost too.