Monday, January 31, 2011

OWOH 2011 Starts NOW!

Hello there!  So glad you made it over to my little corner of the webisphere!  I just love participating in OWOH!  I get to meet so many fabulous bloggers! 

My name is Moriah Betterly and I am the owner/artist of MLB Studios.  I started MLB Studios in 2006 and concentrate mostly on Art Dolls and Dollhouse Miniatures.  My favorite materials to use in my work are polymer clay and air dry clays. 

I live in Sunny Florida with my husband, Joel and my three awesome kids ages 15 to 9.  We also have 4 fur babies, cats to be exact. 

When I'm not in my studio, which is rare, I like getting together with friends, going to antique malls, walking along the beach and boating. 

This kind of sounds like a ad doesn't it?  LOL  ANYWAY......  I'm a creative soul who loves meeting other creative souls and I am so thrilled that you stopped by today to say hello!

As a little thank you for coming by to get to know me, I'm having a giveaway!!!  Whoo hoo!  Who doesn't like giveaways, right?


For every 50 comments left here, I will giveaway one spot at my online Folk Art Doll Workshop!  Yay!!!!!!  At 11:59 pm on Feb 16th I will close comments and on the evening of Feb 17th I will anounce the winners.

Good luck!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Bloggers Are Giving, Caring People!

Hello folks!  I had to take a moment to do up a little blog post about something that happend recently.  Awhile back I joined a Gothic Ornament Swap over on Cindy Owen's Blog.  I made 6 ornaments and sent them to Cindy.  In turn, she sent 6 ornaments made by the other participants back to me and I love each and every one of them!  Having said that, there was one little ornament that I was hoping I would receive.  Cindy put up a parade of the ornaments on her blog and when I saw this ornament I had to have it!  Alas, I didn't receive the ornament.  :(

So, rather than just I contacted the artist who made her (Matty Adragna) through HER ETSY SHOP and asked if she'd be willing to make me another one and I'd purchase it from her.  Much to my surprise, she replied and said she would send one to me as a gift!!!!  I couldn't believe it! 

Well...... Today the ornament arrived!  It is almost identical to the original one and I couldn't be happier!  I LOVE this ornament! 

Here's a picture of the original one:

And here's what I recieved today:

Squeal!  I think I actually like this more than the original!  Thank you so much, Matty!! 

So, when y'all get a chance, head over to Matty's Blog and Etsy Store.  She's a sweetheart.

I'm putting the finishing touches on the little thank you gift I'm preparing for Matty and will get it in the mail to Matty in the next couple of days.  Just goes to show you how giving and sweet bloggers really are!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dunderhead Egglets

I signed up for Cindy's Easter Egg Swap recently.  Here's the 3 little egglets that I made to send in..

Cindy's taking sign-ups until January 20th so I hope you'll come join us.  To find out the particulars of the swap, visit the post about it on Cindy's Blog HERE. 


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project: iPad Case

I was very blessed to have received an Apple iPad for Christmas this year.  I will be purchasing an Otterbox Defender Case for it soon but also wanted a cute little fabric case for it as well.  I shopped around a bit and after not finding what I wanted, I decided to make one for myself.

I made it slightly bigger than the iPad to allow for the extra bulk of the Defender Case.  I got this adorable fabric at Ikea last year.  I doubled the fabric and sandwiched thick felt between both of the layers to give it some cushion for more protection.  Then I quilted it using my sewing machine and the free motion foot.  Next I wanted something really soft on the inside to protect the screen so I chose a pink and white striped flannel fabric and added it to the sandwich as well.  I folded it all over my iPad to check for size and left enough fabric to have a flap come over the front.  Around the flap I stitched on some bias tape in red.  Then I stitched up the case itself.

I was going to use velcro as a closure but forgot to sew it on before stitching the bag together.  Sigh... So, I came up with using a bit of elastic instead.  Kind of the same idea as the elastic closure on Moleskine Notebooks. 

To decorate it just a bit, I added some buttons to the front flap.  And there you have it!  One very quick and easy iPad case.  Total time, about 2 hours.  Probably less for an experienced seamstress (which I am NOT).  :)




Saturday, January 1, 2011

How I Rang In The New year

I quit celebrating New Year's a long time ago.  I just don't get it, I guess.  Yes, it's great that we survived another year but I just don't feel the need to celebrate it.  I never did, really.  Oh sure, when I was much younger and much less intelligent, I would go out with friends and drink until I puked.  Then I'd spend the better part of the following day just trying to remember where I had been the night before and how I had gotten home.  All in the name of a "good time" of course.  As if!  When I got pregnant with my now 15 year old son, I stopped all of that ridiculousness. 

So, since I'm not a drinker and don't like to be in crowds of people who are drinking, I just stay at home instead.  I try to remember that it's technically a holiday and I try to act excited about the count down for my kids' sake but really there are a million other things I'd rather be doing than watching a ball drop on TV.  I let the kids stay up until just after midnight and we tell each other Happy New Year but that's about all we do.

So, while I was staying in tonight, I watched a whole lot of Netflix and after the kids went to bed I was playing with a small hunk of clay on my work table.  Before I knew it, I had sculpted this little chickie.  A little New Year's Shroom. 

It was really hard trying to get a decent picture at night with no natural light and because I put a low gloss finish on it which the camera just doesn't like.  But....  I thought I'd share it anyway.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of my new schedule so I won't be online as much anymore.  I'll still update this blog and I'll try to keep Facebook UTD, but other than that, I'm afraid I just won't have much time for any of it.

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and can finally catch your breath.  I look forward to getting back to normal and getting back into the studio!