Monday, February 7, 2011

Cutting It Close.... as usual.

I signed up for Cindy's Quaint Ole Doll Swap and was partnered with the very talented Madalynne of Pineapple Primitive.  I've been working on this doll a little here and a little there for the last few weeks but now I'm down to the deadline here in two days... YIPES!  I'm doing the costuming and wigging so it doesn't have far to go and I have all the confidence in the world that she'll be at the post office and on her way on time.  I've already received my doll from Madalynne and I'm dying to post about it but I want to wait until she has received the doll I made for her.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a small sneak peek of the doll I'm making for Madalynne...

You know....... primitive dolls aren't my THANG but man I do love me some crackle medium!  Maybe I need to make a few Old Fashioned dolls occassionally to get my crackle fix.  :)

More to come...



Colleen said...

ugh!! I love the "crackle" look on a doll...its just indescribable to me...but a lot of times when i get to that point, I'm afraid to "Do IT" must be a brave dollmaker to crackle a I cant wait to see ...looks VERY cool so far...Colleen

JDConwell said...

I love crackle too. Even crackled a cat yesterday. (Um, a doll one, not a furry one.)

Kaerie Faerie said...

the crackle is very cool, love it

Mattydolls said...

Crackle fix? lol
From what I can see in the pic she's lookin' real good! Can't wait to see the rest of her!


Pattee said...

She is AWESOME!!!!

I can never get that much crackle!!!
XXX Pattee

Healing Woman said...

I love that crackle and I have to tell you...I'm very jealous. I have tried Tim Holtz's crackle, Deco art one step crackle and about 5 others. I CANNOT get the fabulous effect you did. What is your secret..please tell..I'd be ever so indebted. Thanks!

Cheryl-Healilng Woman

Lily Rose Moon Art said...

Hey, Moriah, it's Ruth from again. I just watched your portrait tutorial and loved it, but coincidently, I just started with ATCs yesterday. Watching your Paperclay tutorial made me want to experiment with ATCs and paperclay. I made two 2D hearts from paperclay and put them on the ATC. When it's dry and i've painted it, i'll add it to my blog; it was fun! Oh and I'm going to crackle it too. Love crackle medium. :-)
Thanks again for being an inspiration!

Jonty said...

I think the cracked look is awesome. Not sure how your doing it. I have my own method quite a simple one using my dragonskin. Great looking doll.