Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inspiration and Mail Goodness

Last night I was clicking through the links on Cindy's Blog and came across Terri's Blog.  I'm not much into shabby chic or dainty kind of things so I ALMOST clicked off of her blog at first glance but then I saw she had some free tutorials so I decided to stay a bit and see what she had put together.  The first set of videos I watched were her Fairy School Videos and man oh man.... I can't wait to make one myself now!  Hers is just so stinking cute and I can't stop thinking about how I could make my own. 

The second video I watched was her Elegant Shoe Tutorial.  So many ideas started to swim in my head!  I have a few people in mind for these little pretties so they're on my to-do list now as well.

If you have a minute, stop by Terri's Blog and check out her tutorials.  You won't be sorry!

I have been dying to share some things with you but have been so busy with work and life that I haven't had the chance to take some pictures.  So, I decided I'll share anyway and just use the pictures that Pattee and Michele took instead.  I hope they don't mind.

First up is Pattee's little dolls that arrived here the other day. 

Apple and Dalila were the door prize that Pattee offered up in the OWOH blog event this year and I was lucky enough to win them (you regular readers knew this already).  I thought the picture of them was so stinking cute and well, the whole black and white striped leggings thing stole my heart as many of you well know.  When I opened the package, they were even cuter than in their picture!  I absolutely adore them both and am so happy to have them come live in my studio!  You should definitely get on over to Pattee's Blog if you haven't visited her before.  She's a great doll artist and an all around really nice person.  You can find her at her BLOG, her ETSY STORE and her NING Site.  Thank you SOOOOO much Pattee!

The next thing I have to share with you is the doll I recently bought from Michele Lynch of Michele Lynch Art.  When I first saw this doll I knew I had to have her!  I was cruising my blog reader and saw Michele's post on her BLOG about this doll and didn't even finish reading the post before I clicked on her link for her Etsy Store and snatched her up!

I love everything about her!  She's about 12 inches tall and can hang on the wall which is exactly what I did with her after studying every square inch of her for about an hour... lol.  I don't know if it's that she resembles Wednesday Addams or that she's black and white with stripes or what it is but I absolutely love her and had to have her.  I also want to mention that Michele has awesome customer service skills too!  She wrapped up the doll very carefully and even used coordinating paper and ribbons.  She was all over the communication and she shipped out lightening fast!

I think it's important that dollmakers and artists in general support one another.  This world is plenty big enough for all of us and if we'd stop looking at everyone as competition and start looking at them fellow creative beings, this art world would be a much friendlier place.  So, to practice what I preach so to speak, I thought it was important to say a little something something about two fellow creative beings that have made my day a little brighter.  Thank you ladies!

Now, I'm off to get my hands dirty in some clay!  Take care of yourself and those around you.... OUT!



Michele Lynch Art said...

I'm so happy you love Emily :o)) Thank you for writing such nice things about her :o) You made my day! Also you are absolutely right in that as artists we should all support each other and share our knowledge with each other and not look at others as competition but as fellow creative beings on a shared journey. We should inspire one another and cheer each other on :o) There is plenty of room for us all for sure :o) xo Michele

Diane said...

I'll never stop being amazed at what people can create with their hands and imaginations--just awesome!! Thank you for sharing the love!

Dawn in the Forest said...

You're so right! Artist should support each other:) I loved both photos. Michele Lynch is an amazing artist, she always does something so interest. I hope you have a great week and enjoy your new little goodies:)

Lucys Baby said...

YOU LUCKY DOG! Thanks for the link to the tutorials.

Diane said...

Hi Moriah, I'm back again. I want you to check out my latest post--I Did It!!

Terri said...

Moriah, you have an amazing site here with all kinds of good things to see and do! I love your miniatures page. What fabulous things you have created!
I want to thank you for the honor of being mentioned on your post. Not only that, but you are very kind to post links and say such kind things!
Thank you so much!
The dolls you have received are fabulous. Really! So creative. I have only made a few dolls and I really found it a wonderful process.

Janine said...

Moriah, your blog is just what I needed today! Thank you! I love it, all of it!